Is Oil a big part of your hair care routine? Were you looking for a special oil for hair growth? Or to massage your scalp before you shampoo? Here comes Righteous Roots Hair Oil which is great for all hair types, men, women, children and even your parents! In just two months my hair is grown several inches with regular scalp massages with the Righteous Roots Hair Oil and I’m not kidding. Read more. 

I don’t even like putting oil in my hair, to begin with. However, after my second c-section there was a lot of postpartum hair loss and with a short haircut, I wanted quick fixes to fast hair growth. I was a huge acrostic for scalp massages believe it or not, but doing scalp massages has been a game changer in my hair journey.

The word on Instagram was Verna is the “Queen of Scalp Massages” so naturally, I interviewed her for this article and this is what she has to say.righteous roots hair rx reviews hair rx oil righteous roots hair oil righteous roots oil amazon righteous roots pre poo righteous roots rx rawkyn hair 369 vitamins

Why do scalp massages at all?

We place focus on our hair while neglecting our scalp and in reality, our scalp is an extension of our face and is vital to having healthy hair. We curlies benefit from using oils on our scalp because the natural sebum produced on our scalp make it hard to move down our hair strands. Not only that, we have the environment to battle with as well that can affect our scalp, sometimes leading to dryness depending on the climate & where you live. Sebum is our natural oil & its job is to protect our hair strands from the environment. So if one doesn’t have enough sebum, that’s where oils come to play.

Why & How I started scalp massages

I first looked for hair growth oils and I found Curly Penny’s video on hair growth with Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) really helpful. She talked about how she massages her scalp with JBCO 20 minutes before hair wash, and so I did the same. I first did it with Sunny Isles JBCO and saw hair benefits! My hair was moisturised, it was growing and this was even before I took the Bounce Curl hair vitaminsI did scalp massages with this during the week but doing it with the JBCO left my hair greasy and in need of a wash immediately. Later, I found out how highly concentrated essential oils, using only a little bit gave you so many more hair benefits!

Essential oils for hair or scalp massages

If you already use coconut oil for your prepoo or scalp massages, that’s a fantastic start! However, using essential oils give you extra benefits and you only need a little bit to reap them. There is an overwhelming amount of information about how essential oils benefit your hair, mind, and body. Essential Oils are God-given resources to deal with all kinds of physical issues, naturally.

Picking the right essential oils can confuse or overwhelm you, though. At least it was for me. I love using essential oils to fight colds naturally and for my children too but had no clue about the one for my curly hair.

That’s when I came across Righteous Roots Hair Oil which not only has a base of JBCO and coconut oil but it came with 11 essential oils in it! BINGO!

Get Righteous Roots Hair Oil in your life right now!

Righteous Roots Hair Oil is a hair rejuvenating growth serum with 11 essential oils featuring both anti-frizz and detangling properties. It’s not just the science of it that attracted me to this brand. The founders are followers of Christ, believers just like me!

The brand name “Righteous Roots” comes from the Bible verse Colossians 2:7, which says, “rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”  I knew straight away I could trust this brand with everything I got.

Besides, even with JBCO, this oil is very light and smells like camphor – very soothing and usable both on wash day and refreshes!

I LOVE how the bottle is shaped, it’s a very clever design. You just need to twist it and pour it along your sectioned-hair-scalp. I also love how my scalp does not feel greasy after my nightly scalp massages with this Rx Oil. You need just a few drops and the massaging action helps the oils to penetrate straight into your brain, ha ha. It’s SO cool! So when you wake up, you wake up to a cleansed scalp, totally nourished and ready for some hair growth action!

Scalp Massage with Righteous Roots Hair Oil Benefits

Verna, the best curly hair scientist you’ll ever know, says – Scalp massages and removal of dead cells, promote circulation to the hair follicles. Blood flow to the hair cells means healthier hair growing out of your scalp. Scalp massages stimulate blood to and from the skin. There are other factors to consider for using oils on the scalp because all oils are not created equal. When using essential oils, you must use a carrier oil. And to do them at night is just a matter of preference, they can be done any time of the day.

The greatest benefits of scalp massages include:

  • Increased Blood Flow,
  • A Conditioned Scalp,
  • Hair Loss Remedy for some,
  • Reduced Stress,
  • Hair Growth,
  • Decreased Hair Loss!

How to do scalp massages?

Here’s my Youtube Video  – Subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already 🙂

How to use Righteous Roots Hair Oil

Leave-in: Massage in scalp 3 times per week before bedtime.

Pre-wash Detangler: Separate hair into 4 sections.  Add Righteous Roots Hair Oil to your favourite conditioner then detangle and let your hair sit 5 minutes before washing.

Hot Oil Treatment: Generously apply oil weekly from root to ends.  Cover with shower cap and use a hooded dryer or Hot Head for 20-30 minutes prior to washing hair.

Refresh on non-wash-days: Yes! Make your Day 2 hair shine and look like wash day hair without actually washing just by applying a little of the Righteous Roots Oil in “praying-hands” motion. This is the result I got!

Super Tips!

  • I LOVE pairing my Rawkyn Clay Mask with Righteous Roots hair Oil for top results.
  • I also SOTC (scrunch out the cast) by mixing it with my Cantu Curl Activator. Here’s a quick video

From where & how much to pay for Righteous Roots Hair Oil

Righteous Roots Hair Oil does not ship worldwide, yet, and so I had to rely on my favourite UK website again to get this super oil.

I bought 2 bottles of Righteous Roots Hair Oil for only INR 3000 without shipping and customs from UK.  If you are interested, use my referral link here – Naturalistic Products – to buy this super oil now. What’s this referral link, Liz: Well, you also get a referral link after creating an account with Naturalistic to shop. You can share your referral link with your friends to earn points later. So here is mine, use it to help me get points 🙂

I do have a few extra bottles so if you are in India and are interested to get Rx Hair Growth oil for you, your mother, father, husband or children, DM me on my Instagram @honestlizhere today.

Here’s my video to explain (very briefly)

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