Looking for fast hair growth? Is oil a big part of your hair care routine? Do you massage your scalp before shampoo? Were you looking for a hair growth oil specifically? Here are a few oils I’ve tried over the last 2 years! My hair now grows several inches each month with regular scalp massages and I’m not kidding. Read more.

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Want a budget tip for hair growth? Scalp Massage. And it doesn’t have to be with oils every time because stimulation is great for your scalp too. . . Be gentle. This thing can lift your curls up from the roots to achieve volume too; but try it this way so you don’t disturb or break curl clumps. Let me know if you try! Tag me so I can see #honestliz . . This is my day 2 or second day hair . I had cleansed with @onlycurlslondon And styled with @curlyellie Leavein and @onlycurlslondon Creme+Gel duo on wash day or day 1. . . Today, I scalp massaged with @_jimandhenry_ Oil in the front and @jessicurl Oil in the back. Yes I do this #sowhat #youdoyouboo . . . #knowwhatimsayin #scalpmassage #scalpmassageeveryday #massager #relax #day2 #onlycurls #curlyhair #curlygirlmethod #curlynaturalhair #hairgrowth

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Disclaimer: I’m only here to share the truth from my own experience. These products are helping me; I hope they help you too. If you decide to try anything, I encourage you to do your own research, and check with your doctor before incorporating any oils or hair growth pills in your diet. I’m only here to share my story.

Why I started scalp massaging

I don’t even like oils in my hair to begin with. However, after my second c-section there was a lot of postpartum hair loss. I kept for hair real short for almost a decade too so this time, I wanted quick fixes and fast hair growth back in 2017. I had a big mind block about scalp massages believe it or not, but doing scalp massages has been the biggest big game changer in my hair journey.

Why do scalp massages at all?

When I asked Verna, she told me “We place focus on our hair while neglecting our scalp and in reality, our scalp is vital to having healthy hair. Curly hair specially benefits from using oils because the natural sebum produced on our scalp makes it hard to move down our hair strands. Not only that, we have to battle the environment and that can affect our scalp, sometimes leading to dryness depending on the climate & where you live. Sebum is our natural oil & its job is to protect our hair from the environment. So if one doesn’t have enough sebum, that’s where oils come to play.”

How I started scalp massages

I first looked for hair growth oils and I found Curly Penny’s video on hair growth with Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) really helpful. She talked about how she massages her scalp with JBCO 20 minutes before hair wash, so I did the same. I first scalp massaged with Sunny Isles JBCO and saw the benefits! My hair was moisturized, it was growing faster than normal! I was happy but the JBCO left my hair greasy and in need of a wash immediately. A strong shampoo was required to take it all out and that wasn’t ideal for me to do several times durng the week.

I wanted lighter oils I could leave in my hair and scalp do the work. Trust me, I was so desperate!

Essential oils for a scalp massage

If you already use coconut oil for your prepoo or scalp massages, that’s a fantastic start! Adding essential oils to your existing oil would make it EXTRA. There is an overwhelming amount of information about how essential oils benefit your hair, mind, and body. Essential Oils are God-given resources to deal with all kinds of physical issues, naturally. So I wondered which ones can I use for scalp massages and my hair?

Which essentials are good for hair and scalp?

Picking the right essential oils can be confusing or overwhelming. It was for me, to say the least. When I first looked into essentials oils for hair, I was overwhelmed and broke to buy individual essential oils. I love using essential oils to fight colds naturally and for my children too, but I had no clue about using essential oils for my curly hair. That’s when I came across ready oil blends which come already blended with several essential oils! BINGO!

Why I prefer ready blends (not DIY)

Think about it, if a ready oil blend comes with several different essential oils already blended in, why would I break my head (and bank) to buy individual oils to DIY mix them? Finding high-quality essential oils in India is hard enough and they are so expensive too! Besides, I am not even an expert blender.

What if I don’t get the ratios right? It could irritate my scalp or cause major scalp issues if I am not careful.  Did you know? Applying undiluted essential oil to your scalp may make your problems worse! I am not about to ruin my scalp with a DIY and that’s when I decided to only focus on ready oil blends.

Will scalp massages make my hair greasy?

My scalp does not feel greasy after my scalp massages. On the contrary, using the right oils can calm your scalp. If you have a greasy or oily scalp, to begin with, it could be that your scalp is hyper or irritated with the unsafe products you are currently using. Or maybe your scalp feels so dry, you feel like washing it daily. However, in doing so, you are causing your scalp to overproduce natural oil that makes your scalp greasy!

Incorporating the right oil for scalp massages may help you deal with such scalp problems. You need just a few drops and the massaging action helps the oils penetrate straight into your brain, ha ha. It’s SO cool! If you do them at night, you wake up to a cleansed scalp, totally nourished and ready for some hair growth action! It’s a quick way to refresh unwashed hair too!

Do I have to scalp massage every day?

You can totally scalp massage every day. It’s relaxing and delicious and you deserve it.

You don’t need to use oil every day. Especially if you have sensitive skin, not having oil on your hair gives your face a break. If you’ve noticed my acne subside, know that this is a reason why.

There are so many different types of oils you can use when scalp massaging. I’ve made a list. Check ’em out down below.

I scalp massaged everyday with oils but I noticed in doing so, I had more breakouts and even painful cystic acne in 2018. In 2019, as this article is written, I decided to focus on my skin. I cut down on using oils. I scalp massage with oils once before wash day (I wash my hair every 4 days) and I have noticed a great difference in my skin – and hair too! I realised, your scalp also needs some space to do its own thannng. Scalp massaging daily with oils, although beneficial for some, was doing more harm than good for me.

Can I use multiple oils?

Yes you can! I do! In 2018, I was practically using just one oil for most of the year, the Righteous Roots Hair Rx. My hair grew slow and steady, even the overall health of my hair improved tremendously. By the end of 2018 though, I found new oils that gave me speedy hair growth and I decided to focus on them to see if they really work or not. Lo and behold, they do! I had a major haircut in December and it all grew back in just under three months!

Using multiple oils has given me a lot benefits. I believe each oil blend has something unique to offer and my scalp and hair loves the variety! Not just that, there is something known as sensory adaptation.

An Ode to Sensory Adaptation

Did you know? There is a gradual decrease over time in the responsiveness of the sensory system to a constant stimulus. This basically applies to anything in life! So using just one oil for longer period may not be a good idea. When I use multiple oils, it is an enjoyable experience for my hair, scalp, and senses – much better than when I was using only one oil.

So you see, I use all these for the sensory pleasure as well. If I use them back to back I don’t get the scent; my body adapts to it. So to mix it up, I use different oils, based on my mood and how I want to feel..

This is how I scalp massage

Few drops to massage my scalp, sometimes only for a minute, sometimes longer if I have the time and want to relax. I also take a few drops and graze my hair with oil, focusing on the ends so they get the nourishment too.

Scalp Massage Benefits

Experts say scalp massages and removal of dead cells promote circulation to the hair follicles. Blood flow to hair cells means healthier hair growing out of your scalp.There are other factors to consider for using oils on the scalp because all oils are not created equal. When using essential oils, you must use a carrier oil. And to do them at night is just a matter of preference, scalp massages can be done any time of the day.

The greatest benefits of scalp massages include:

  • Increased blood flow,
  • A conditioned scalp,
  • Reduced stress,
  • Speedy hair growth,
  • Decreased hair loss!
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@hairofnature healthy hair butter is great for improving scalp condition and limit flaking and itching. It is Vitamin enhanced to stimulate healthy hair growth, increase thickening, and aloe vera juice provides moisture. Safe for infants 7 months and older who are experiencing thinning from cradle cap and baby friction. 💥Main Ingredients: Shea Butter Mango Butter Coconut Oil Aloe vera juice Biotin B5 Essential oil blend for growth Rice brand oil Grape seed oil Jojoba Oil Tea Tree EO . 💥 Use clean hands to dip and take some butter out. Run between your finger tips to melt it, gentle massage for 5minutes and focus on problem areas, if need be. Leave it in! Use 2x a week and keep us posted of your improved hair health and speedy growth! . . PS: This is my Day 2 hair after cowashing with @mysoigne and styled with a smidge of their hair cream. No gel! My hair feels so light and free! As your hair improves, you don’t need a lot of products to maintain it ❤️ . #hairofnature #budget #hairgrowth #hairbutter #healthyhair #healthyhairgrowth

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My favorite oils for my scalp massage

  • Cachos Brazil Low Porosity Hair Elixir  Packed with elasticity- increasing properties, it replenishes and strengthens hair strands against daily damage.  Smooths frizz and adds shine to seal in oil. Resulting in healthy hair growth for styling (after cream or leave-in for hold) or for simple daily refreshes on non-wash days.
  • Cachos Brazil Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment with Pracaxi & Babassu Oil This butter-like- consistency-product strengthens the hair structure to prevent breakage during daily hair manipulation, weather, and shampooing. It’s also ideal for scalp care to help with beautiful healthy growth. Make it part of your wash day, especially if you are transitioning, have high porosity or damaged hair.
  • Flora & Curl Superfruit Hair Oil The African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil contains the perfect blend of over 10 potent plant oils that nourish split ends, tame frizzy hair, provide heat protection, repair damaged hair and add shine. This belnd has delicious superfruit oils of Papaya Oil, Avocado Oil and Watermelon Oil. Moisture is sealed in, helping your curls retain moisture, whilst enveloping each strand in an invisible, non-greasy, protective layer. An everyday hair essential for healthy hair protection!
  • Cachos Brazil High Porosity Hair Elixir  Ideal for color-treated Hair, hair growth, scalp care, scalp blood flow stimulation, anti-itch, root booster, pre-shampoo/hot oil treatment, detangler, and frizz control. This blend helps to fill in the gaps and tears found in high porosity hair by penetrating the hair shaft to deposit nutrients and seal in cuticles to prevent moisture loss, thicken the hair, to prevent frizz,  soothe the scalp, nourish the hair, melt away tangles and boost healthy hair growth.
  • Hair of Nature Shea Mango Scalp Butter This healthy hair butter is great for keeping scalp condition to limit flaking and itching. Vitamin enhanced to stimulate healthy hair growth, increase thickening and aloe vera juice to provide moisture.
  • Jessicurl Scalp Stimulating Oil This is a lovely blend of oils, herbs, and essential oils. Each ingredient is known for its hair growth properties and it feels REALLY good to do a scalp massage with it. While it won’t re-grow hair on a bald head, (sorry Dad!) it can encourage healthy hair growth for people who still have hair. The essential oils will impart a lovely tingling sensation to your scalp and the other oils in it will make your curls amazingly soft. A little goes a long way!

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Other uses for these Hair Oils

Leave-in: Massage in scalp twice a week, any time during the day.

Pre-wash Detangler: Separate hair into 4 sections. Use a little of the oil to detangle your hair. Wear a shower cap and keep for 20 minutes.

If your hair is super dry and badly tangled, add any of these oils, listed above, to your favourite conditioner to detangle and let your hair sit 5 minutes before washing.

Hot Oil Treatment: Generously apply oil, weekly, from root to ends. Cover with shower cap and use a hooded dryer or Hot Head for 20-30 minutes prior to shampoo.

Refresh on non-wash-days: Yes! Make your second day hair shine and look like wash day hair without actually washing just by applying a little oil in “praying-hands” motion.

SOTC (scrunch out the cast) by using a little oil to break the crunchy gel cast. I mix a little oil with cream sometimes for more shine and definition.

Super Tips!

  • I LOVE pairing these oils to my deep conditioners for top results! I apply my deep conditoner first and then scrunch in some oil to make it extra!

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Jessicurl: Use code HONESTLIZ for 15% off

India: Honest Products

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“I have had dis scalp issue for 3 years!! If u look closely u will be able to see dis white thingy covering my scalp… I tried so many things… Even after shampoo or cowash these things come back…Tea tree oil helped in removing some but the flakes will just remain in d hair.. Gold *product* did absolutely nothing… Nd now dis amazing HON.. looks like it has just completely removed it… It’s not like stuck in my hair either… My scalp has never felt so clean and cool.. just did my first scalp massage wid it!! Nd I had used about dis much twice… Nd m walking around smelling like mangoes😍😍😍😍” ~ @paulineleena ❤️ . Thank you for sharing Leena 😭 im so happy for you! . . @hairofnature is a small, independent, woman-run business by Danyelle ❤️ She creates everything, handmade, and in small batches; so it comes to the store and goes in a FLASH! Stay tuned, more #hairofnature coming this April 🙌🏽💥❤️ . . #skincare #haircare #naturalproducts #hairproductsthatwork

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Caring for your scalp promotes healthy hair growth, removes buildup that causes dull hair and scalp imbalances, and calms scalp. Let me know if you try and see a difference too.

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