Do you have sensitive skin? Do you have trouble with a breakout and acne? Maybe your skin is just so weird that you need regular salon visits for facials and what not, to clear it up. Well, I don’t go to salons, umm…  I can’t afford it honestly nor have I the time to leave my babies to go pamper myself for hours a few times a month. Nope.

Here’s a solution for you and me!

A regular skincare routine saves you the money and the trouble of going to salons. A regular skincare regimen saves you a lot of a hassle but it saves your skin! Here’s how Shae Almond Facial Grains fits into mine!

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I started my natural skincare journey recently, and I wanted to share everything that has been working for me and rookie mistakes I made, which you can avoid. So here’s my review of Shae Almond Facial Grains which is an exfoliating scrub for face and how that fits into a normal skincare routine.

Disclaimer: Shae gifted this scrub for me to review. This is NOT a sponsored post. I am not obliged for anything other than educating my readers about this product from my honest experience. 

Why Should you Scrub Your Face, in the first place?

Most people don’t even wash their face at night before sleeping to remove their makeup. Who has time to scrub and exfoliate you say? I hear you. But I also hear you screaming and grumbling about your skin so it’s time to look at solutions instead of focusing on your problems.

According to Women’s Health Mag, Exfoliation is a healthy practice to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, but moderation is key they say. Scrubbing or exfoliating is the better word to describe this here. So, exfoliating is what makes your skin healthy and give you that glow!  

Here’s an analogy: Exfoliating is like using sandpaper on walls before it’s painted. A perfect way to smoothen the surface skin and get the base right before you apply other products to it.

Why Exfoliation is important

When you are young, you can eat anything, sleep where you want, drink and do drugs and it won’t show! But as you grow older, say 27 and above, your metabolism decreases. Even the rate at which your skin regenerates cells decreases too. That means your body becomes slow to reproduce healthy skin cells and not as active to remove dead skin cells on its own.

Cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen is important but scrubbing is also important to remove those dead skins cells and encourage your skin to regenerate. If you don’t exfoliate, the dead skin cells pile up; you lose that glow and your face looks dull and rough too – no matter what you do. Besides, the excess dead skin cells clog your pores and that’s where most of the adult acne stems from! Apart from the hormonal overdrive and lifestyle.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Exfoliating Your Face

  1. Don’t use body scrubs for your face!
  2. Exfoliating works for both oily and dry skin.
  3. Add more water to make the scrub gentler to your skin.
  4. Rough scrubbing contributes to breakouts so be gentle.
  5. For sensitive skin, use a wet cloth to scrub as an alternative to products.
  6. Nightly scrubbing is beneficial so your regenerative creams are more effective.
  7. The area around your eyes is delicate, avoid them while your scrub your face.
  8. If scrubbing has a bad reaction, use milder scrubs and gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to finish the routine.
  9. Don’t use microbead-ed products! They harm environment. Embrace natural remedies and recipes instead.
  10. Don’t do this every day! Twice a week is ideal even if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

Not more than thrice a week.

Just like overmoisturizing curly hair can lead to Hydral Fatigue or a Protein Overload can make the hair dry and straw-like, there are consequences to over scrubbing as well. Too much exfoliation backfires.

According to Stylecaster, “Over exfoliating the skin can put your sebaceous glands into a frenzy, causing them to produce more oil than necessary, and cause more breakouts to occur. So, stick to exfoliating once or twice a week.”

You always want to be gentle with yourself. Gentle scrubbing and cleansing removes the dead cells but doing it too often can irritate your skin big time!

While you can’t exfoliate or scrub every day, you can use gentle cleansers and moisturizers twice daily to cleanse, add hydration, and encourage that natural glow. I will share my new favourite local products in my next post. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Things No One Ever Tells You About Exfoliation

Your skin exfoliates by itself too! But the dead skin cells need a little nudge to get out of your skin or else, it just stays on, causing buildup and plugging pores, causing acne, you get? If you are new to exfoliation, like me, then you want to find out everything you can before you start this today. Sure, exfoliation is fantastic but you don’t have to do it because it’s almost 10 pm and time for bed.

Be mindful of what your skin needs. The last couple of weeks I experienced the worst breakout of my life so it was wiser, for me, to stop scrubbing for a little while. Anna, a Natural Skin Care Entrepreneur advised the same thing when I posted about the acne breakout drama on my IG stories.

You have to choose what to exfoliate your skin with sensibly.  Remember what your skin type is. Rough scrubs can damage your cells, body scrubs are too heavy for your face. Did you know? Waxing your face is also an exfoliation technique? Keishanista88 explains this well in her YT video.

My Shea Almond Facial Grains Review

Shae came into my life at the same time I wanted to care for my skin better. I was scrubbing with a DIY coffee scrub with coconut oil but I found later that coconut oil can clog pores. So I had nothing to exfoliate with and wasn’t sure of DIYs. I don’t even like DIYs.

The brand sent me two of their products to review. This happened back in September and the first-time-ever I got a free goodie like that. I was so so nervous about it I didn’t touch for a month!

I know you value my opinion so I had to gather the courage to make sure I shared only my unbiased review with you about this goodie. To do that, I used it all October and little in November.  After two long months of scrubbing and exfoliating and switching up my skincare routine (THANK YOU Anna – @agrace216 and Monique – @curliegirlie143 and awesome skincare tips from my Insta followers) I’ve decided that I like these Shae Almond Facial Grains.

What’s in it that makes it so good?

A blend of natural exfoliates gently nourishes and brighten your skin!

  • Almonds exfoliate and moisturize deep within
  • Pink French Clay absorbs toxin-laden oil, and
  • Cinnamon and nutmeg combine well to improve blood circulation on the surface, setting off a natural glow.

How to Use it?

  • Using a splash of water (or few drops of your favourite face oil), make a paste.
  • I leave it on for a few minutes, the clay dries.
  • So, then I wet my hands and use a little water to make the mask wet again and scrub
  • Scrub in gentle circular motion targeting your problems areas like blackheads or tan areas.
  • Rinse and pat dry (Use tissues, even clean towels may have bacteria, just saying.)
  • Spritz on a natural toner and follow up with a moisturizer for a complete cleansing routine.

Here is my result with Shae Almond Facial Grains

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How much it costs, and where to get it from?

Shae Almond Facial Grains costs INR 1,170. I like this scrubby so I got you a code! Use code HONESTLIZ to get 20 percent OFF  from Shae Instamojo Store! Get your Shae Almond Facial Grains at $17.99 from, WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

How long does it last?

If you use this exfoliating scrub once a week and use another DIY face mask like Bentonite Clay Mask (that’s what I do to make it last longer) this product can last for 4 months or even more.

5 Great reasons to exfoliate your face tonight

  1. Exfoliating makes your skin smoother
  2. It helps counteract signs of ageing
  3. Exfoliating can stop breakouts
  4. It’s good for skin tone
  5. And it helps your skin care products work better!

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