I began my CG journey in earnest around July, 2018.

The first thing I remember ordering from Liz is the Curly Ellie shampoo, followed by the Arata cream and gel. As time when by, I started to invest in different products and different brands. I tried the Eden deep conditioner, the Bounce Curl gel, other shampoos, and more.

The Biggest Revelation

I have type 2c, 3a hair so I also tried different combinations of products to see what worked well for me. Probably my biggest revelation was that the needs of my hair changed with the season – monsoons made my hair hungry for stylers (like gels), while in the winter it craved moisture (so products like souffle and leave-ins entered the picture) along with more frequent deep conditioning.

.. I workout, a lot

Today, I wash my hair every alternate day, primarily because my workout involves outdoor running, which makes my hair sweaty and in need of a wash. My non-wash days coincide with weight training in my gym.

Another thing I learned was that using stylers (even if it was just a souffle) after every wash was not an option for me. However, the fact that I was using high-quality products and pampering my hair gave me the confidence to reduce the frequency of using my stylers.

My Summer Routine

So in the summer, I started using just my shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. The results were more than enough to tide me over till my next wash day – nice, springy, natural-looking curls, which also dried super quick.

This, in turn, prompted me to try just shampoo and conditioner for my last few washes – without evening the leave-in. And, I have to say, I’m super happy with the results.

It’s been almost 10 months I haven’t got a single blow dry from a salon (which was a monthly phenomenon for special occasions, parties etc)

The short version of this is: I’m so glad I turned CG. With Liz’s guidance, my hair has evolved in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

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