Want to make your wavy hair look good naturally, without heat damage? Were you looking for a trusted wavy hair routine? Since one of my daughters is a wavy girl, I know all about making waves pop! Here are tried, tested, and winning methods to get defined, shiny waves – of your dreams!

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Super Tips for to make Wavy Hair look good Naturally

These ideas work for my wavy girl. See if you want to include these methods to enhance your wavy hair routine from today!

Switch to natural CG products

Start by using only natural products in your routine. Unsafe products with silicone (dimethicone), harsh sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate), parabens or drying alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) dry your wavy hair out. Dryness causes frizz! CG-friendly products are not always safe. So, you want your shampoo and conditioner without silicone, not even the water-soluble kind, NO sulfate, no paraben, and so forth.

Before Investing in new products, confirm product safety

You don’t have to depend on bloggers to suggest whether a product is CG or not. You can find the ingredients of your product online and paste it on this website – Is it CG? There are many websites and apps like “Is it Dirty” to help you discern product safety before you invest in them.

Do you use the CG friendly products loved by your community? Do you still get a lot of frizz and hair becomes dry after wash day? Do you want to follow the true CG method? Then ___________________________________________________________________ LISTEN: Nobody in the world says “CG friendly” Your curly hair product is either CG or it isn’t. Bad ingredient is a big no-no according to the original Curly Girl (CG) method. The original CG comes from the book “Curly Girl Handbook” from @mydevacurl founder Lorraine Massey. It clearly says your curly hair product should have NO sulfates (like sodium laureate sulfate), NO silicone (dimethicone), NO drying alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), parabens and other harsh chemicals. If your product has even one, it is NOT CG. ______________________________________________________________________ It is easy to get influenced into buying products so make sure you study the ingredients at the back, don’t look at the labels in the front. It’s easy now- Go to website called “Is it CG” and paste the ingredients and it will tell you if your product is CG approved or not. Your Revlon has parabens, Your Matrix Biolage hair mask and L’Oréal Intense conditioners has isopropyl alcohol, even the WOW Apple Cider vinegar has silicone. These are NOT CG products at all! But some may call these products CG Friendly because they have only 1 baddie ingredient. _______________________________________________________________________Your curly hair may NEVER reach its full potential with cheap synthetic products that are NOT CG. It’s time you made a switch to help your hair health and your sanity. Choose natural products that only enhance your natural curl pattern and bring health and shine instead. Who is with me? _____________________________________________________________________ #cgmethod #cg #cgm #curlygirlmethod #iamcg #gonatural #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhaircare #naturalhairproducts #naturalhairrocks #naturalhairjourney #naturalhairjouney #haircareproduct #haircareproducts #curlyhairgoals #bouncecurlologist #curlinfluencer #curlenthusiast #influencer #influencers #influence #influenced

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Consider Safe Natural Products as an Investment

Don’t calculate how much the product costs when you buy it. Split the cost with the duration it will last you instead. For example, the Denman Brush costs ₹700-₹1000 depending on where you buy from. However, with proper care and maintenance, that Brush lasts you a lifetime! Same with a great conditioner that costs ₹1400 but if you use it for 5 months, it costs you less than ₹300 or month! Doesn’t it cost you more to get your hair done at the salon every week?

That’s a bargain if you ask me. Consider all the hair fall, hair damage, psychological trauma that cheap products cost you. Natural products promote hair health, not damage it. So if your CG-friendly product isn’t working for you then it’s time for a change! Don’t worry, you can always repurpose your unused hair products in many brilliant ways.

Cowash for moisture and definition!

Cowashing is my favorite method of washing hair. It works beautifully for curly and kinky girls, as it is. We cowash most of the time, but my wavy girl threenager daughter loves playing with sand, so we need to shampoo once in a while. But most of the time, we cowash.

How to Cowash:

  1. Massage scalp with a little conditioner on your fingertips – the massaging action helps loosen dirt, buildup.

  2. Rinse all the conditioner from the scalp, completely.

  3. Apply conditioner on your hair now but only from mid-length exclusively the ends, NOT scalp.

  4. Leave it on your hair for 10 minutes.

  5. Rinse only, say, 50 percent of conditioner away.

Try “Squish to Condish (STC)” Method to Rinse

  • Put your head down.

  • Detangle with conditioner.

  • Section your hair to form wave clumps.

  • Cup your palms and fill it with water.

  • Gentle squish each wave section with the water in your palms.

  • Squish only once, per section, to keep most of your conditioner in.

  • Don’t wash all the conditioner away.

  • Stand straight, cup your palms again. Fill water and throw it on your scalp, 1-2x times. This is to ensure there is no conditioner on your top or scalp. It helps avoid flat root problems later.

  • Here is Anjana’s tutorial video and her method works really, really well for wavy hair. Try it.

Apply Conditioner only from mid-length.

Wavy Hair retains moisture, unlike curly hair which is always so thirsty! So you don’t need other products. Even if you use a curl cream, use it form mid-length. By applying conditioner/curl cream this way, you ensure your waves are moisturized nicely. This will prevent frizz later and add more definition.

Deep condition your hair at least once a week/fortnight

If you travel a lot, the sun and the environment draw out all the moisture from your hair.  A deep conditioning (DC) treatment will help you maintain the moisture and protein balance in your hair. You can do a DIY DC or use store-bought conditioner, either way, you need one in your hair for 20minutes, at least once a week or a fortnight. I love using Red Rawkyn Clay Mask to death. It has protein and works for all hair types too!

ACV Rinses for Shine and Clarifying scalp

Once a month when you feel your hair is acting really weird, use a shampoo. You can either use a gentle cleanser like As I Am Cleansing Pudding or you can do a DIY Bentonite Clay Mask. Either way, if you decide to cowash, then remember to shampoo at least once in two weeks. These ACV rinses are easy, just massage the ACV on your scalp after your shampoo, rinse in 3 minutes and follow with a conditioner.

Start Scalp Massages with Essential Oils

Not only will your head thrive with the added stimulation, but it will grow your hair faster too! No more hair fall problems and you will have extra shine in your mane too. Learn all about scalp massages and how to do it from my other post. We do prepoo with Righteous Roots Oil or Flora & Curl Hair Oil. Prepoo is oiling before shampoo but we do that only once a month if my daughter’s hair is extremely dry and weird.

Protect your hair while you sleep

This is so important for curlies, and it counts for you too. After my daughter sleeps on a satin pillowcase, her hair is way manageable the next day. Cotton sucks moisture out of your hair and skin. It’s great for the summer when your body wants to stay and everything, but it’s never great for your hair. Tie your waves up in a loose pineapple bun for more protection.

Brush your hair at night

A night routine is a savior. You already know you should cleanse your face, but you want to pay attention to your hair before sleeping as well. After your scalp massage brush your hair with the Denman Brush. This will help distribute the oils from root to tip. The Denman Brush also helps you get better wave definition and prepare your hair for faster growth while you sleep!

To summarise, here is a video!!

Use Hair Spray for Styling

When you wake up, just gently finger detangle and leave your hair alone! If your hair feels especially dry, don’t rush to go wash it. You want to stretch more days between your washes to give your scalp a chance to produce its own natural oils, the sebum. This is what protects your scalp against infections and promotes hair health and hair growth. Anyway, if you must, use a hairspray like Flora & Curl Hair Mist – we love it! It’s SO good that I got you a discount too.

  • Use my code HONESTLIZ to get 15 percent off on your purchase from Floracurl’s official website.

Wavy Hair Routine Essentials (Links, buy here)

Since wavy hair can retain moisture much better than curly hair, you don’t need a lot of products! You need no gel. However, using the best light oils and safe products for washing hair goes a long way. Let’s make waves with these absolute must-haves!!

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how to make wavy hair look good naturally everyday hair routine for wavy hair how to make wavy hair look good without heat daily hair care routine for damaged hair naturally curly hair routine daily curly hair routine hair care routine for dry frizzy hair daily hair care routine for indian hair

Overall, avoid over washing and over-brushing dry hair. Do all things with love and be gentle to your mane. If you have more tips that have worked for you, please share in comments! Share this article with your wavy curl friends :)

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