You know being overweight is not good for you. But you lack the motivation to get fit and stay healthy. Whether it is to look good or to get healthy, is losing weight on your mind? This is not about any weight-loss boot camp. Listed here are simple natural health care habits that help you get fit easily.


By the end of both pregnancies, I was 30kg overweight and all of it 30kg in 2 months!I tried and tested many methods to lose weight. I struggled with drugs and battled an eating disorder, and now I finally figured out the best ways to get fit and stay healthy. Just simple tweaks to your everyday life; see what works for you and make them your new habits.

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How to Lose Significant amount of Weight and Stay Healthy Naturally!

All you need is perspective and I give it to you within each tip. Everything here is backed by science.

  1. Breastfeed 
  2. Eat meals at regular times
  3. SAME MEALS, every day
  4. Eat an EARLY dinner
  5. Guzzle LOTS of water
  6. Say NO to heavy food after 9 pm
  7. YES to a hearty breakfast
  8. Say NO to (too much) of confectionary food
  9. Allow yourself a SMALL indulgence of dark chocolate
  10. REWARD yourself on Sundays
  11. LISTEN to your body
  12. Fried food is ok
  13. Add FIBER with this simple salad at lunch
  14. FAST at nights
  15. Get MOVING everyday
  16. Make bowel movement, EVERY DAY
  17. Get the right amount of SLEEP
  18. TAKE your vitamins

1. Breastfeed

Did you know one breastfeeding session burns 500 calories per day? It’s awesome for the baby as it is. You can Successfully Breastfeed from Day 1 and  Breastfeed During Pregnancy too!

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2. Keep Mealtimes Regular

Do you have lunch at odd hours? Sometimes at 1 pm, other times at 4 pm. Some days you tend to skip lunch altogether? If it’s a yes for you or your loved one then you need to know this.

When you eat at odd times, your body doesn’t know when to expect the next meal. According to Dr.Mehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, then your body goes into stress mode. And so, my dear busy bee, your body stores food instead, to compensate. This yo-yo dieting is making you fat! Yes, it’s true.

3. A Xeroxed Menu

[Pun intended] Eat the Same Meals, Every Day.

Say what? I LOVE food! My palate is excited by all kinds of food. I eat comfort food more often than most. Turns out, eating the same meals every day helps you lose weight too!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S favorite (and fit!) Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox ate Cobb salad for lunch every day for 10 years while working together on the famous TV series.

When you eat the same food every day, it is the same nutrients that go into your body, every day. After a certain period, your body gets used to the same nutrients. Besides, when you have limited options, you don’t get a variety of food inside you. This helps you keep your calories in check.

Eat the Same Meals, Every Day.

4. Have an Early Bird Dinner

Do you have dinner at say 10 pm, and then go to straight to bed within the hour? If yes, then that’s just bad news for your body. The study by International Journal of Obesity is interesting. It suggests a strong link between late dinners and weight gain.

Here are the benefits:

  • Better digestion and well, Poop better
  • No heartburn
  • More energy for the next day
  • Wake up early
  • Better sleep
  • Healthier heart
  • No stomach problems

Think of it this way. When you sleep, your body goes to work. Your body is intelligent, right? Your body goes to work at night. It is working to repair your skin, regenerate cells, improve your organs and so on so forth. But when you eat a heavy meal and go to bed, your body has to divert all that energy into digesting instead.

5. Hungry? Drink Water!

Water is awesome. It can taste boring after a while, but your body needs water and lots of it. You need to drink more water. If you are breastfeeding then you need more water over more water, for sure.

I am not propagating that you drink lots of water before your main meals, so you are not hungry enough. And so you eat small meals etc. No! That’s just silly and unhealthy. I am also not saying that replace water with fruit or veggie juices or coffee. They are all liquids, right? You can have those too but have water also.

Your body signals for water. This signal can be sometimes misinterpreted as hunger. So the next time you feel hungry, hydrate yourself instead. Water helps break down the oil and saturated fat inside your body. After this fat is broken down, it is easier to burn or release out of your body. Water is essential to reduce and prevent cellulite in your body.

Drinking warm water is a blessing.

Drinking warm water increases your body temperature and that increases your metabolism. Meaning, calories are burnt at a faster rate than usual. It even gets your kidneys and intestines working better. It is no wonder that elders in my home insisted I drink warm water after childbirth. I’ve successfully lost all my baby weight! So if warm water worked so fantastically for, it will work for you too!

6. NO Big Meals after 9 pm

This is a great tip to stay fit and get healthy naturally. How eating heavy meals later in the night affects digestion and other bodily functions. So if you must, drink water or snack on these instead of reaching for a heavy meal after 9 pm.

  • Dry fruits – Your skin and hair would love the extra protein and Omega 3!
  • Smoothies – Not the chocolate-banana kind! The spinach, with almond milk with chia seeds kind.
  • Energy bars – Made from oats, peanut butter, dark chocolate, etc.

7. YES to Hearty Breakfast

An empty stomach will make you cranky and agitated. You don’t want to start your day like that. So don’t be shy or guilty. Eat your breakfast like a king!

A heavy and hearty breakfast will replenish all those calories you lost while you were asleep. Doing this gives you more energy for the day. Otherwise, it can leave you exhausted. Your body will thank you:

  • You will be full of energy all day.
  • All that energy will help you focus and be more productive at your work.
  • You will make good decisions.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!

Have a Hearty Breakfast, Why breakfast is good for you. Benefits of having breakfast

8. Organic Sugar Fix

It is all processed food and it has empty calories. Say NO to (too much) Confectionary items & Processed Food. I find too much of confectionary gives me acne, my digestion goes out of whack, among other dangers of consuming these foods. I may sound like those other guys. But it’s true. It can’t be said enough. Get your sugar the organic way, i.e. from fresh fruit and veggies. As mentioned already in TIP #5, signals of thirst are sometimes misinterpreted for hunger. Instead of deep diving into that delicious pack of chocolate chip cookies, pick a fruit. Or snack on a handful of dry fruits or nuts.

9. Dark Chocolate: The Legitimate Choice

Audrey Hepburn says one of her secrets to staying slim is a little dark chocolate after lunch. The key to weight management with chocolate is to:

  • consume DARK chocolate and
  • in limited quantities.

Not because Audrey did it. The Cooking Detective also agrees that dark chocolate has many health benefits.

  • Powerful source of antioxidants
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Protects skin against UV rays
  • Improves brain function

10. Don’t feel Guilty When You Eat

I never feel bad about what I eat. It’s inside me already so I don’t want to complain about it and offend my body. Sure, I have bad food days and sometimes I like to reward myself. So I get a healthy meal. Get greens or boiled veggies in there. Or I do a fast. But I don’t complain about what I eat.

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Do you know why people say ‘Take care’? The phrase intends to say “take care of yourself.” Your body is all you have. Be kind to yourself. God has given you an intelligent body, take care of it well. So start with the way you think about your food.

Don't feel Guilty When You Eat, Eat Guilt-free

11. Fast at Night

I LOVE going on a fast, at least 1-2 in a week. I don’t plan them but I listen to my body and fast when it needs fasting. We discussed in TIP #6 how eating a heavy meal late can adversely affect your body. Fasting during the night is the most rewarding option. Remember TIP #4? We talked about the benefits of having an early dinner. And how your body needs all the time to repair cells and replenish. That’s exactly what happens when you fast.

A fast, for me, is no intake of solid food, at all. I snack around 5 pm and then skip dinner. There is a 14-hour window until breakfast the next day. So, my body is in a cleansing mode and burns the extra calories too!

12. Get Over Fried Food Fear

Deep fried food is delicious. Yes! But fried food every day? You need not do that. And there is enough research about oils linked to obesity. Did you know few corrupt scientists in the 70s’ manipulated the truth about sugar? They shifted the blame to fat and talked about bad cholesterol etc. Also, new research shows that butter is good for you. So is ghee.

If you cannot do without fried food, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Do something about it. Here are other tips for weight loss and to get healthy naturally.

13. Simple Salad Side

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Food can have a profound effect on the babies during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Then why don’t we treat ourselves with good food as normal adults? You need to have raw fruits and vegetables, right? You get the nutrition, plus the fibre really helps push all the toxins out of your body.

Chop up a tomato, one red onion. Add either cucumber/beetroot/cabbage and have it as a side to your lunch or dinner.

Eat fresh, Why salads are good for you

14. Listen to Your Body

I get this from my mother-in-law. She’s a beautiful and a brilliant woman!She taught me what I know about getting healthy naturally. It is SO important that you listen to your body. Eat what it tells you to eat. Drink when it asks you to drink.

You don’t have to eat just because everyone else is eating. You don’t have to finish your child’s dinner because you don’t want to waste it. It is a great thought but it is extra food than what your body requires. That means extra weight. Your body is intelligent. Humans are intuitive.

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Craving spicy food? it is a signal you need more vitamin C. Pop a supplement of Vitamin C or snack on citrus fruits. If you crave for chocolate, your body is signaling for more minerals. If you stop taking that glass of milk you always took, then your body needs a break from digesting milk. There is always a reason you crave or resist food. Listen to your body and follow it’s direction to stay fit and healthy.

15. Get Moving

Your body needs to move. Not just from your car seat to your desk. Or from your bed to your couch. Exercising is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off. But who has the right motivation or the time to do it now, right? Wrong. Here are simple things you can do to get your body moving

  • If you’re married, have more sex!
  • If you have children, go out for walks.
  • Join a walking party with a stroller or babywearing mommies.
  • If you work close by, walk.
  • At work, get up and refill your water bottle from the end of the hall.
  • Use bathroom of another floor.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Sweep and mop your floors at home. You do it.

16. Poop Everyday

Speaking of movement. Healthy bodies poop at least once a day. If you are not doing that, then you’ve got a problem. You need to look at what you are eating to get things moving down there.

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  • Get that simple salad, mentioned in Tip #13
  • Get chia seeds, hemp seeds into your smoothies
  • Eat a whole fruit every day
  • Drink more water, mentioned in Tip #5

A bowel movement gets all those toxins out of your body and you’ll weigh that much lesser!

17. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Not 10 hours – you are not a baby. Oversleeping has side effects.

Not 4 hours – you need all the rest you can get. Sleep deprivation has side effects also.

You need only 6-7 hours of sleep a day. So your organs heal. Your skin replenishes. Your hair grows and shines with vigor etc. You also burn 100 calories per hour while you sleep! Sleeping well has a profound effect on weight loss.

So are you getting enough of sleep?

18. Take Your Vitamins

I swear by supplements.

If prenatal supplements are so important for the baby’s brain and development and postnatal supplements compensated me then, how important are multivitamins for me? Karen from Positive Wellness talks about this in her all-in-one guide to multivitamins for women in their 30’s.

It boggles me to think why aren’t normal people taking multivitamins? We all could use that extra boost of Vitamin C to boost our immunity. Or calcium for stronger bones and treating our hair loss.

If you still don’t believe vitamin supplements are necessary, here is Dr. Andrew Paul. He is talking about how they pumped enough Vitamin C into a cancer patient and healed cancer!

Your eating, sleeping and exercise habits make all the difference.

Author: Liz

Child of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Lover of all things sweet and honest.

11 Replies to “18 Simple Tips to Get Fit & Stay Healthy Naturally

  1. Liz, can you do a post on multivitamins? By type and function: for hair, skin, eyes – and especially for women considering pregnancy. This is grea, I want to learn more of it!!! 🙂

    1. Hey Tamali – This one will be a tricky one because being an influencer, I’m afraid readers will follow my ideas “blindly” you know what I mean? Pre-pregnancy, it’s always great to pop a multivitamin daily – you will have to check with your doc about that one for sure because you want one that suits your body’s needs. For example, some multivitamins cause constipation, others may cause acne. So you want to do the bloodwork and get one prescribed that’s right for your body. I take Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins now and it serves me fine, but I’m post pregnancy and it doesn’t really matter. Pre-pregnancy though, you want to be super careful. Also, you will need to take folic acid supplements daily, if you are trying to have a baby too. It’s a great supplement and that’s the one that “makes you glow” I still take some once in a while 😀

  2. Glad to have found you, Liz! Your writing is awesome! Will Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins be available at your site? If not, can you recommend an equivalent that’s available in India? Thanks!

    1. Hey Annie! You are SO welcome 🙂 Look, I understand you take my opinions seriously but the best way to go about vitamins is through your doctor. Ask him or her about Follihair brand of hair vitamins. it’s afordable – however- I cannot compare it to Bounce Curl vitamins since they are made with natural ingredients, not synthetic ones like other brands. They also do not cause breakouts or acne like other hair vitamins do. I am pro organic and pro natural so I would not recommened synthetic brands. It’s up to you though, its your deciison what you put in your body.

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