You’ve seen it before. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian wear bandage dresses all the time. These are tight, snuggly fitted dresses that highlight your curves and bust lines, in a nice way. Introduced first in 1990, Herve Leger made the most famous bandage dresses of them all. So it makes you wonder, can I find a gorgeous bandage dress in India that doesn’t cost a kidney? I did! I wanted to share everything you need to know about bandage dresses and where you can find one in the 5k-10k budget.

My First Bandage Dress Experience

As a freelance writer with a wide interest, I work with all kinds of clients. Last year, I worked with Charles, founder and owner of The Kewl Shop (TKS) This was my first exposure to bandage dresses and I could only dream of getting into one because at the time I had just produced my second baby. Fast forward a year later, I went all out for my sister-in-law’s wedding in Aug 2017. You will have to read a detailed post on how I lost ALL post-pregnancy weight another time. Subscribe to be notified when it comes. For now, let’s delve you deep into the world of bandage dresses.

What is a Bandage Dress?

No, it’s not a dress for only skinny people. You don’t need a perfect shape or size to wear this strong, durable, shapewear kind of dress. A bandage dress is constructed cleverly to pull and soothe your body into a great shape. Bandage dresses are comfortable enough to wear for long hours too. These dresses are uniquely designed to give your body a flattering shape. It is not the same as bodycon dresses though.

Difference between Bodycon dress & Bandage Dress

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Source: TKS Read the fantastic article on the differences with fit and fabric

What to wear under a Bandage Dress?

TKS’s blog is full of useful articles and the one about what to wear under your bandage dress is an eye-opener. Here is a summary though:

bandage dress forever 21 bodycon bandage dress long sleeve bandage dress bandage dress designer bandage dressing bandage dress uk cheap bandage dresses uk bandage two piece

How to Style your Bandage Dress?

Whether you wear it for a party, event, office gathering, the bandage dress by itself makes a big statement. So you want to go the minimal styling route. TKS has a fabulous article on how to style a bandage dress during the day or night. Here is a summary.

  • Wear contrasting shoes, don’t matchy-matchy/wear shoes with bold prints or sparkles. Click here. 
  • Layer your dress with a cardigan, coat, shrug, denim jacket or blazer of a different colour.
  • Add a pretty belt to flaunt your slim waistline.
  • With jewelry, select statement pieces like a necklace, cocktail ring or long chandelier earrings. Click Here
  • For night event, carry a small elegant clutch-bag.
  • For a day event, carry a big bag that fits your mood.

How to store and clean your Bandage Dress

Don’t fold the dress too much, like you would a normal dress. Gently fold in half so the dress doesn’t stretch and crease unnecessarily. For cleaning, you have two options – either dry clean or hand-wash. Either way, you want to treat your bandage dress gently and wash no more than 6-7 times a year. TKS details intelligently in this infographic, for details read their article on how to care for your bandage dress

bandage dress forever 21 bodycon bandage dress long sleeve bandage dress bandage dress designer bandage dressing bandage dress uk cheap bandage dresses uk bandage two piece

My First Bandage Dress Experience

The first thing I noticed the TKS bandage dresses are in Asian sizes. I am size XS, so I should’ve ordered a size up.  Size S of The Kewl Shop bandage dress was ideal for me, but this dress after wearing it, wasn’t bad at all because bandage dresses stretch up to four inches around your body anyway. I loved wearing it!

I prefer minimal jewellery, so it was just a small necklace. It was freezing that night, so I had Marks & Spencer sparkly stocking on paired with dark blue PayLess ballet flats. Yes, I’m a closed-toes-flats kind of person. 


TKS bandages dresses are 90 percent rayon and a blend of nylon and spandex. By the look of it, you know this dress has a crazy thick material, but you know what? It isn’t heavy at all. It is flexible and stretchable. So comfortable that women of all sizes are wearing bandage dresses and loving it.


My dress was easily worn by a preggo lady too! So, no, it will not suck the life out of you. My dress was comfortable and sturdy; it did not ride up my butt or anything. It stayed in its place and enhanced my curves from every angle. I kept my winter coat on the whole party though.


The Ooty wedding was smack in the middle of monsoon so the weather was 100 percent humid during the day and below 10 degrees at night. It kept me cool during the day, and it kept me warm at night. So versatile, methinks.

I ordered mine from TKS official U.S. website. This dress cost me INR 8000 with shipping, no customs and reached me within 10 days. They ship worldwide!! Yay 🙂

If you get one too, let me know.

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