The now iconic Cantu Curl Activator from Cantu Beauty is a beloved curl cream, a must-have for any curly. This curl cream is a curl enhancer; an absolute curly hair essential! Use this good boy in countless ways – here are ideas to introduce this natural curly hair product into your routine today.

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If you don’t have it yet, then let’s first look at the many reasons you should get it, PRONTO.

5 Reasons to Buy Cantu Curl Activator Today

  • Delivers volume & shine.
  • Activates curls revealing frizz-free, bouncy curls.
  • Great for quick refreshes on non-wash days (Wash n’ Go).
  • It is affordable; a little goes a long way with this curly hair essential.
  • Gives you curl definition otherwise may not be possible with just a leave-in conditioner or gel.

Cantu Curl Activator

  • Texture: Thick Cream, awesome slip but only with water.

  • Fragrance: Rich, floral with coconut-y flavor – I always smell like a flower after using it. LOVE it.

  • Recommended for: All curly hair types but may be too heavy for wavy hair.

  • CG-Safe? YES (yay!)

  • How long will it last? The 12oz bottle can last up to 6 months or more!

  • How much did I buy it for? ₹1100/- in May 2017 from Amazon.

How to use Cantu Curl Activator on Natural Hair

Trial and error is the name of the curly hair regimen-game. Use these ideas to know what works for your hair type. Remember to use a Denman Brush right after to get the absolute best curl definition! Lock those newly formed clumps with LOTs of GEL or seal the moisture in with your favourite oil.

  • I graze it over my hair, after a leave-in, do praying hands and use my Denman Brush

  • Rake-in the curl cream, like the clawing motion to detangle.

  • Praying hands motion to get fatter, bigger curl clumps.

  • Spread just one dollop (or more if you have high porosity hair or length) in your palms with few drops of oil to SOTC – Here is a quick video of how I SOTC = Cantu mixed with my beloved Righteous Roots Hair Oil.

The countless ways to use Cantu Curl Activator

Curl creams are stylers, that means, use it after wash to style. You can also use it to refresh your curly hair on non-wash days, but a word of caution; Cantu Curl Activator needs a LOT of water to do its job so use it on soaking wet hair, not dry, damp, or plopped hair to style.

This sign >” marks the order of application. “+” means to mix.

  • Cantu > Gel

  • Leave-in > Cantu > Oil

  • Any Leave-in > Cantu > Gel

  • Leave-in > Cantu > Oil > Gel

  • Cantu + few drops of oil for SOTC*

  • Cantu scrunch on freshly steamed hair, like after a shower, remove your shower cap and let your curly hair soak in the steam. Then scrunch with a pea-sized amount of Cantu.

If you use it for a refresh, use it on wet hair.  Use like half a dollop to SOTC and it will help you minimise frizz – it’s better than SOTC with bare hands.

*SOTC ~ Scrunch out the crunch ~ This is to break the cast your gel may give you, on dried hair.

Product cocktails using the Cantu Curl Activator

Cantu is a natural curly hair product, and this means it is devoid of any baddie ingredient. This is why it pairs well with almost any CG approved natural products. This was my absolute first international buy and I cannot do without it. Here are few ideas from my experience and of other Instagram curl beauties  and FB Group “Love Your Curls”

Product Cocktails & Links (Buy here)

**FSG ~ Homemade Flaxseed Gel

**KCCC ~ Kinky Curly Curling Custard
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How else do you use this fabulous curl cream? Or do your hate it? Let me know in comments – help me and the readers with your tips.

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8 Replies to “How to Use Cantu Curl Activator on Natural Hair

  1. Liz am confused.. though i love this product but the one i bought fron amazon smells like coconut and not floral. Was the one i got hoax?

    1. Hey Blessy – Cantu does have coconut-y undertones, I thought I had written it but I guess I need to update it now – thank you for commenting here. When in doubt, always scan the barcode to see if it takes you to the product’s original website.

  2. Hi Liz, my cantu when used with blueberry bliss leave in it’s not working well and my hair are weigh down. But when I use it without applying leave in it works well. Is it because of the leave in or something else

    1. To check if the products are reacting to each other – mix both a little in your palms and see if it curdles or anything like that. If wieghting down is a problem then celarly you’re using too much of it. Both are heavy products. I use only 1 DOLLOP of Cantu. Try using LESS and see how it works out. Come to Insta and show me 🙂

    1. Hey Silpa, There is a method involved to tackle frizz. Cantu needs a lot of water to distribute, so you can be sleeping with wet hair. Come chat with me on Instagram and we can discuss some method to help you with your frizz!

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