People change, right? We learn. We grow. We do better. I know I have. I try. And it’s awesome to see brands do it too. When I tried Vilvah last time, it didn’t work for me. I told them, I moved on. They did better. They changed their formula, and packaging (plastic-free!!) came up with a new line and it. is. amazing. Learn more from my quick review below.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review and we did a paid collaboration to create the high-quality video for Instagram you see at the end of this article. This article, however, is unpaid, not sponsored and as always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

Moringa & Argan Oil Hair Mask: A little goes a long way! This is practically speaking a PREPOO butter-oil. Keep in a shower cap for an hour before shampoo (or overnight for super dry curls) and you’ll see and feel the difference. My hair feels so shiny and moisturized. Note, there is 3% beeswax in this mask so if you decide to purchase and use this, I recommend following up with their shampoo only.

Herbal anti-dandruff shampoo: Again, I only needed a little. It clarifies hair really well, lathers only a little, and works well with other products in the line. It removed the prepoo hair mask I used very easily. I also recommend using this shampoo instead of the popular Pantene-Lively-Clean-shampoo. I noticed our Indian community on a budget keeps using this Pantene sulfate shampoo, please stop and use this instead to clarify once in two weeks.

Cream conditioner: This is my favorite product from this whole line and if you are a beginner looking for a budget option this saves your effort and money! Since it doubles as a deep conditioner, so I kept it in my hair for ten minutes after I applied it. I didn’t need to use creams afterward so I just styled with a leave-in and a curl enhancer.

These are my results with No cream, no gel and I’m very impressed with how much moisture this whole line can offer when used together. I was so skeptical at first but if you trust the process and have faith in brands, they can do remarkable things for you!

Thank you to Vilvah for partnering with me. It’s a treat to work with homegrown brands and I’m looking forward to finding more treasures for my community in India.❤

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