If you were wondering about the quality of the games or anything else, read on to see if a Flintobox is worth your investment.

We don’t have a TV, but Baby#1 does have an addiction to screens – how can she not? She looks at me staring at one few times a day: I am a freelance content writer working from home.

I consider Baby#1 to be bright and advanced for her age. She is high-spirited and gets bored easily.

To cut screen time, we were working on DIY activities anyway. But we needed something more structured, more complex than what we were doing at 1.5 yrs.

MagiccrateCrafty ChimpAvishkaar Box, or WonderBoxx did not offer activity boxes for toddlers.

Then a dear mommy-friend recommended Flintobox for my first child and I am so glad that she did! Praise God! for friends like these 🙂

I dared to get a 6-month’s subscription as at the time, Flintobox gave out boxes at 40% off! So, essentially, I paid only about Rs.600 for each Flintobox.

Flintobox makes boxes for 15 months+ though. Regardless, I went for the 2-3 year age group – meant for toddlers. So, this Flintobox review is only for this age group – not more, not less.

What’s inside the Flintobox?

Flintobox Review 2-3yrs toddler box

Flintobox sends over one box a month. Each box is based on a theme. This one is about bugs! These activities help children learn words that are used frequently. It helps identify colors, to count, identify patterns and enhance cognition.

  • 5 activity bags

We’ve done transport, bugs, sea/water, animals and many other themes so far. It’s amazing how they come up with this stuff! The quality of each activity is far above what you may (ever) expect. It’s sturdy, the colors are bright, the fonts and the print quality is impressive.

  • 1 board book

The board book that comes along with the 5 activities. It ties together a theme and everything the children learn from the activities. The board book illustrates all that in a story form – which makes it engaging for the toddler.  The stories are interactive as well.  This book is interesting to go through every time.

  • Planner

    This is a planner that comes with the flintobox. This is a Flintobox review.

I was impressed with this one! Without it, I wouldn’t have a clue about how to organize these activities for my Baby#1. The planner splits the activities into a schedule for a typical week/month. The levels of the activities progress as the week progresses.

Pro Tip: It might take up some space, I recommend you store the Flintobox as is. I made the mistake of shoving all the activity bags into one big carton. Honestly, I wish I had separated them so my second child could use the “theme” structure.

How long will my child play with the Flintobox?

It depends on your child’s engagement and development level. For my daughter, she takes an hour a day to play and learn 3 activities. After she knows the ins and outs of a particular activity, she’s over it within 15 min. So, for her, she gets over the box within 2 weeks.  As soon as she is done with one box, we bring out an old one. She is just as excited to play with it because she recognizes them and knows them well.

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Can I let my child play with Flintobox, alone?


Every activity needs to be played under parental supervision. You need to teach them the activity first and then allow them to play with it.

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Because this is high-quality stuff. You know what to expect with toddlers, right? They can tear it up, chew it up or scribble on these unnecessarily. The Flintobox doesn’t deserve it.

What’s more? If you care for these enough, your child can use them over and over again and enjoy them all for a longer period.

7 Reasons I loved the Flintobox

  • Keeps toddlers engaged and busy!
  • Educational activities teach new words, colors, shapes, and numbers.
  • Identify and master concepts, and patterns.
  • Enhance your toddler’s gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • Develop cognition.
  • High-quality materials, book, and activities props.
  • Affordable!

That’s more bounce to the ounce, I’ll say.

What I don’t like about Flintobox

The boxes and the activities can add up. You need to organize it properly and away from the toddler, so the storage can be a little troublesome.

What about the boxes after the child is over it?

The board books or the miniature animals are of high quality. They can last a long time. This is what I dislike about Flintobox. Just that, maybe they should have a buy-back policy or just take it back policy and recycle the goods. Or take it back and share it with children who may not afford it. I wish the management at Flintobox thinks about this and gets a policy or a campaign out to support this cause.

Is Flintobox worth the investment?

I say, YES!

You will at least spend Rs.1500 on ONE toy or a doll (monthly or quarterly) anyway. So if you get FIVE educational activity toys for less than Rs.1000, activities that stimulate and engages your toddler, then why not?

Check out the video!

What else do you want to know? Ask me. Comment here ⇓

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. No one requested or paid me to say these things. I’ve shared my thoughts from my experience. Here is an affiliated link, though. Use this link to buy a Flintobox, and a box is added to my Baby#1’s subscription! Their referral system is awesome.

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    1. If they have boxes for that age group then why not! Try and see, how else will you know. Anyway, by 6, they can read so get a library membership instead I say.

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