Growing up, I knew OF Jesus, but I never knew him. There is a vast difference between knowing of someone or knowing someone personally, right? I was not a stranger to the church as a building but I never knew the actual meaning of the word church–which is the body of Christ amongst us and within us.

Coming from a Hindu background, I did all the rituals when it was required of me. But I never felt the peace of God while doing them.

I always believed in God and But I really came to know Him only 3 years ago (2013).

Neeraj's Christian Testimony

I didn’t know my Purpose in Life

It was a time of great struggle in my life. I felt low self-confidence and tried to find my identity in all the earthly things like my job, money and other worldly pleasures like drinking and partying, no matter what I did, it all left me unfulfilled.

I sought answers to the innermost questions, like

“What is my purpose in life?”

I couldn’t find the answers by myself. These struggles were internal, and could not be seen or explained, but were real.

As it says in the Bible ‘Seek and you will find’, and so I found my answers.

God used my struggles, my circumstances and the surrounding people to lift me up and show me the light. I am thankful to God for my friend Allan who invited me to come to this church, where I met the rest of the congregation, aunty Cess, David, Uncle Ferdie (who is missed and I’m sure he is looking down and smiling from up above) and the rest of you all.

When I gave my Life to Jesus

I got all the answers to my questions from His word, the Bible.

When God revealed Himself and I got to know Jesus, got to know He died for our sins on the cross, The Good news he has died to pay for our sins so we might be one with God through faith in Him. It made me realize that no one else could and would do that for me.

The more He revealed Himself to me, the more it filled me with Joy. I felt like a blind man with a gift of sight!

That’s not all, I realized that he worked miracles in my life daily, as I believed, be it at work, or in my personal life. I cannot praise and thank God enough for everyone present in my life today, you know each of you holds a special place in my life.

I have seen many instances where this can be a big sticking point in a believer’s life–the lack of support from immediate family. But God has blessed me abundantly. I am most thankful to God for my mom and brother who have always been supportive of my decision to come to faith. The fact that my mother and brother were present for my baptism is a truly a testimony of God’s grace!

Neeraj's Christian testimony (1)

I Found my Identity

I’m now baptized to become a part of God’s family. I know nothing can separate me from the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:39).

My identity does not lie in my capabilities or in what I possess, but in Jesus Christ. I am His follower; His disciple as he has saved me and redeemed me.

Therefore, I am here to profess my faith for savior Jesus, through the Holy sacrament of Baptism. Giving my life to Jesus, burying my old self, and rising up again like He did from the dead, to walk a new life with Christ Jesus as my savior.

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3 Replies to “Why Neeraj’s Christian Testimony will make you Question Everything

  1. The day you find the purpose of your life is the day you make your self available to all of the peace life has to offer you.

    A friend… A Brother… Neeraj! I wish you the best life has to offer! Spread love… Cause people around will teach all how to Hate.. That is when you come.. Just your natural self..

    Lots of love and wishes captain!

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