Book review of Wild by Cheryl Strayed + Personal Stories to tie it all up. Interested?

Did I go to Singapore to get my wedding dress? Yes, I was there for 4 days and I walked the whole time. I came back home with swollen calves but it was all worth it!

The Love for Walking

I also walked to school and I walked in high school. I couldn’t do much with the Rs.10 ($0.15) a day transport money I got to take the bus to and from school. If I wanted to have that chocolate donut (which my friends ate almost every day) I had to walk halfway home to save up and only then could I have 1 donut, in about 2 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong. That wasn’t me complaining. That was me inching my way closer to tell you that I have always walked and I loved it and it was good for me. (And they always wondered how I could chow down seconds and thirds and still stay slim!)

Instead of sitting in cafes or going for movies my teenage dates involved walking around busy towns or suburban areas, talking, walking, walking and walking some more.

When in Doubt: Walk

When I became a first-time mom, I quit my corporate career the day I made my baby laugh. It was an epic feeling and I had to be with her full time to be a first-hand witness of every milestone – turning over, crawling, and the works.

Few months into being a full-time stay at home parent, maid, cook and doing everything that I thought made me a good mother and wife, I found a void.

I had no friends in town or in the same life phase as me and my days were spent having one-way conversations with an infant.

I prayed to God asking him to send me people I could socialize with, and He said ‘WALK’.

And I did! I took the stroller out (I was still unsure about Babywearing then) and lo behold! I met other mommies and we quickly formed a bond of sorts – our children being the same age and we go through the same phase and all. We walked every day!book review WILD Cherly Strayed


Walking in late Pregnancy – An Act of Will

I was 33 weeks (8+ months) into my second pregnancy and beginning to be hard to even stand for a couple of minutes – ankles swell up, and knees hurt with the weight. I wasn’t even exercising as much as I should. 

It’s amazing how God created women’s bodies though because once the baby comes, most women do not have any memory of such pregnancy struggles. You are so overwhelmed with the joy of the new baby and caring for it that whatever happened during pregnancy seems like a distant dream. I say most women forget because there are exceptions to the rule, of course.

Here is my Survival Guide for a Happy Pregnancy – check it out.

OK, I digress. Either way, you are duct-taped to this post and you simply must remain seated to see it all tied up together in due course …

Walking for Wifi

This week when the wifi needed to be renewed, I didn’t have cash on me to pay the bill, and there was no wifi so I could make an online transfer. AND my mobile was out of balance to make an online mobile transfer. Murphy’s Law live in action, people!  

I desperately needed the internet to do my freelance writing work so I requested the guys from the internet company if they could pay for me and I would get them the cash by the end of the day (after hubs returned home from work) kind-hearted folks renewed it for me and I was back in action.

But the thought of owing money to someone kept gnawing at me.

Hubs came home late from work and by that time the internet guys shut shop for the day as well. Ahh.. the gnawing continued for another day.

Did I mention I have sleepless nights because of the rumbly in my tumbly?

SO the sleep deprivation causes me to have temporary memory loss and I forgot to tell hubs about the pending payment. He left for work and I was again without cash. We share a debit card and also forgot to ask him for it. 

Day 2: Only when I got the call from the internet guys did I remember about the pending payment! I was wallowing in shame and guilt at the thought that I hadn’t kept my side of the bargain, marring my integrity in the process.  

So I shamefully borrowed some cash from a mommy friend; baby #1 with her to babysit and walked the 2.5km (1.5 miles) to the internet shop and paid up.

With a backache and swollen ankles, I walked …. and with every step the only person I thought of was Cheryl Strayed and of what she had been through while hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. She’s been on my mind all this week from the book I just devoured!wild from lost to found on the pacific crest trail pdf wild the movie wild cheryl strayed pdf wild book summary wild cheryl strayed quotes wild book review wild book amazon persepolis memoir

It’s her memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest TrailHer story encouraged me and kept me walking. Here is the book review.

Wild, From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail, Review

This is a memoir which was also a bestseller when it came out in 2012. The book won many prestigious titles and was even featured in Oprah’s Book Club!

Cheryl who was then just 26yrs old lost her mother to cancer. The chapter where she describes her love for her mother and how her mother took care of the family inspired me to tears. (Someday, I would like my babies to talk about me like this.)

The bond Cheryl had with her mother was so strong that after she passed, Cheryl broke down completely. She divorced her husband, dated a junkie, got into a heroin habit, then got out of it, and then went hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail to “find herself”.

Did she have plenty of time to introspect? To soak in the scenic views, relax on mountain tops or bath in the tranquility of nature? NO. The hike was anything but.

Cheryl beautifully and intrinsically shares her daily experience. Her 100-days’ hike across 1000+miles – and she did all this by herself, alone.

How empowering!


Can you relate? 

I LOVED soaking into the pages of WILD by Cheryl Strayed. There are just so many elements I could relate to.

  • The hole she felt in her heart about her father,
  • Her love for her mother,
  • The estranged relationship with her two siblings,
  • Her battle with drugs and finally,
  • Finding herself through the many struggles of life.

The movie starring Reese Witherspoon was titled as the most feminist movie of the year.

Although I’ve covered most things to do before turning 30, hiking across the wilderness is on my next to-do list.

In my busy days, reading such exceptionally good books help me escape.

Living an alternative reality of sorts. 

I LOVED this book and if you read it, let me know what you thought of it too.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. These are my own views and recommendations. Use the affiliate link to purchase this book 🙂

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  1. Beautifully written.
    Next time plz message me and I ll pay your bill in a moment. Money is not your point here I know. It’s all about credibility and keeping your word. I appreciate that. But to tell you the truth, I am worried abt you walking so far in this horrid heat at this stage of advanced pregnancy. So let me know and I will help from wherever I am in whatever way I can.
    Mom.2 Desai.

    1. Thank You Mom – You are just the best! I’ll keep this in mind next time, but for now, we managed and I need to get out to get some exercise anyway. I had the walking shoes and a candy bar to keep up the energy and pace.

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