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A curly hair online course to help you simplify your routine and manage your curly hair mindfully.

Gain instant access to


You’ll be guided with 5 need to know elements, so that you have complete clarity when choosing products, treatments, and styling techniques with your specific texture in mind.

Stress-Free Washday Workshop

Each of the recorded lessons teaches you exactly what products to use and in what order to use them in so you never have to stress about washday again!

Styling Tutorial Guides

You’ll have instant and unlimited access to tutorials specifically designed to help you decide the order of curly hair products and are supportive of individuals with both fine or coarse hair, with hard water or soft water.

Texture Impact on Products

You’ll get downloadable guides to make it easy to take action on what you learn and empowered to choose products based on your texture and hair needs.

Let’s take a peek inside the course

This curly hair online course includes in-depth video lessons, product guides, and so much more to learn about your own hair and make all the right decisions.


Curl basics

Understand the texture of your hair and how to manage it.


Establishing Your Routine

Design a customized hair care routine to meet your hair’s specific needs.


Washday Essentials

Personalize washing and styling techniques based on your hair type.


Application Mastery

Discover 5 essential techniques for applying curly hair products.


Drying Techniques

Discover simple and effective tips to speed up drying time without compromising definition or volume!


Advanced Styling

Explore different styling routines to find the best one for your hair type.


But wait, there's more! get all this INCLUDED, free!

Refresh Guide

Manage your hair between washes with reliable results plus 7 Easy Refresh Technique Guide.

worth $22

Mini Consultation

Get personal assessment sheets, receive feedback and suggestions before or after you finish the course.

worth $39


Learn how to read ingredient labels and explore a variety of products organized in 20+ categories.

worth $39

Plus multiple other fun resources I’ve put together for years including self-care guidance, global reach, and so much more to teach you how to enhance your naturally curly hair.

After you've worked through this program, You will:

and only if you want to...

  • Know the exact steps of managing your curls
  • Have a better understanding of product application and what works for your hair
  • Be able to take care of your curls and use the right products the right way
  • Know different ways to manage hair daily and keep it healthy and defined
  • Know techniques to use to have your hair look good for more than one day!
  • How to style on non wash days so that hair doesn’t feel rough
  • Never want to go back to tying your hair in a tight bun everyday
  • Get some confidence and curls back!!

What to Expect

Here’s what will happen after you click that ‘START NOW’ button:


Sign Up for The Course

Click the button and complete the payment.


Get Instant Access

After you complete the payment, you’ll receive an email with login details. You’ll have access to the tutorials right away.


Begin Your Curl Care Journey

Watch the videos bit by bit or all at once – and revisit them as often as you want – schedule mini consult with me when you want, and get the best results for your hair.


This curly hair course is curated; a comprehensive resource created by a trusted expert with 7 years of hands-on experience. It provides structured guidance and personalized support that can be hard to find in scattered online articles. It’s like having a curly hair mentor by your side.

This curly hair course online is designed to be inclusive and adaptable for all curly hair types, from loose waves to springy curls. HONESTLIZ will help you identify your unique curl pattern and provide tips tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the most out of the course.

HonestLiz’s curly hair course emphasizes flexibility and affordability. While she may recommend some international products, she also provides alternatives to suit various budgets. You’ll learn how to make the most of what you have while making informed choices when shopping for hair products.*

Results vary depending on your hair type and the consistency of your routine. Some may see improvements within a few weeks, while others might take a bit longer. Remember, the journey to healthy, beautiful curls is a process, and HonestLiz’s online course will guide you every step of the way to ensure long-term success.*

Due to the digital nature of my products and services, once payment is made, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. Once you’ve made your purchase, my mission is to give you the tools you need to succeed, and I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. I am here for you, and happy to help in any way I can. So, if you need anything more, you can contact me.

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Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I’m Elizabeth – a curly hair stylist in Doha; voted NaturallyCurly Best Curly Hair Blogger 2020. I started my blog, Instagram, and YouTube in 2017 to share my personal curly hair journey with like-minded women and quickly realized there was no other place for them to get real guidance that was specific for their unique hair texture, and lifestyle.

After running these in person sessions for many years, I decided to make them available online so that anybody who wants to learn the logic to picking up curly hair products, and easy ways to set up a curly hair routine, can do so in the comfort of their own home.

I look forward to helping you win with your curls!