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Are you tired and frustrated with your hair and not knowing what to do with it? Whether you’re dealing with dryness , breakage, or simply want to know how to style your hair, check out the blog for all the juicy details you won’t get anywhere else, or you get it here first!


Do you have burning questions about your hair? Maybe you’re not sure which products to use or how to style your hair. I am here to answer all your hair related questions. With the wealth of knowledge and experience, you finally get your answers here.

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Welcome friend.

I am Elizabeth, a blogger from India, blogging about curly hair products, and techniques that work.

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Thank you so much Liz for teaching me how to take care of my hair, you were my inspiration to start my curly hair journey in 2019, but I only got better at taking much more care of it after consulting with you in 2022. At first, I had curly hair but after meeting you I now have juicy thriving curls. ❤️ Can’t wait to meet you again for another session soon

Revinka Dias


Liz proved me completely wrong and changed the whole image of what a person with true passion could be in my mind and in my life. The amount of transition my daughters hair has been through is unbelievable. The best part is Liz is so reachable and she remembers the history of her client which is amazing to me.



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