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Style your wavy or curly hair properly in 5 minutes or less!

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Find your hair type!

Not sure how you will navigate through this course? Get the guidelines to learn your hair type first!

exclusive Tutorials

30 minutes of step-by- step tutorials FOR basic to advanced techniques to match your exact hair type.

Begin Your Styling Journey

Watch the videos bit by bit or all at once – and revisit them as often as you want – and get the best results.

What is the best way to style curly hair? How do you style natural hair curls? How do I make my curly hair not frizzy? What to do with curly hair for beginners?

Do you want to feel confident with your hair?

Flaunt your curls all day, every day.

There’s a lot of information out there about styling.

But what do curly girls want?

I know what I want. Curls that don’t open up the next day. Easy styling tips. Routines that match my hair type.

If you want these things too, then YOU are in the right place!

This is why curls don’t stay

In the last 4 years of hands-on coaching experience, I have seen one thing that’s common with my clients.

They all wish to have curls like they see and admire on Instagram.

But they don’t get the same results with everything they try on their own.

The common mistake I find is that they typically try the wrong techniques for their hair type!

If you have wavy hair then finger coiling is probably not the ideal way to style your hair.

Good news - Confidence is easy to come by!

After helping thousands of women cut, style, and develop their hair, I’ve noticed they try styling technique that doesn’t fit their hair type!

You can achieve any style – casual, professional, formal, spicy – once you know just 3 basic techniques.

In less than 30 minutes I can show you those techniques and how to combine them for your hair type.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women feeling confident and beautiful, because they’re having a good hair day.

It’s why I got professionally trained on curly hair cuts, made a blog, an Instagram page, a YouTube channel, a full curly care course, a product guide, and so so much more.

Curly hair needs special care and standard approaches rarely help.

So, here, I’m going to give you the exact steps that you need to get bouncy, voluminous, and Instagram worthy curls.

Let’s take a peek inside the course

This curly hair online course includes in-depth video lessons, texture guides, and so much more to learn about your own hair and make all the right decisions.


Curl basics

Understand the texture of your hair, porosity, density and more!


Application Mastery

Discover 5 essential techniques for applying curly hair products.

What is the best way to style curly hair? How do you style natural hair curls? How do I make my curly hair not frizzy? What to do with curly hair for beginners?
What is the best way to style curly hair? How do you style natural hair curls? How do I make my curly hair not frizzy? What to do with curly hair for beginners?


Advanced Styling

Explore different styling routines to find the best one for your hair type.

I’ve taken everything I learned from nearly a decade of testing, mastering, and teaching styling, and condensed it into a series of videos.

Each tutorial would only take up 3 minutes of your time (there’s like one 7-minute video but that’s it).

And you will:

  • Discover Basic & Advanced Application methods.
  • Learn How to create volume & fullness.
  • Know the Functional use of styling products.
  • Use Efficient application to meet your hair goals.

It’s everything I know, compressed tightly into the most important pieces of information, and it’ll take you less than 30 minutes to change your curly wurly hair game!

Here's what others are saying

An absolute must have for anyone struggling with curly hair

I understand and love my hair better because of you

Truly invaluable advice that I hope to incorporate in my haircare journey

Relearning and deep learning what works for MY curls

These are not just styling tips, you’ll have STEP-BY-STEP tutorials.

You can watch at your own pace, rewatch if necessary, or binge over the weekend.

Change Your Styling Game Today

Give up the bun life!

And enjoy …

  • Fast and easy washdays!
  • A healthy and comfortable scalp.
  • Low maintenance hair routines.
  • Less frizz and more manageable curls!

This can work for you too!

Check out Surya’s transformation after she implemented this method.

Normally, you would pay over $250 for a new hair-do at the salon and that style lasts you only  until your next washday.

But you’re awesome and I'm HonestLiz.

So, just for you and only you You know what?

I'm gonna make it $12.99

Imagine this.

You spent a small fortune on hair care products.

A gaping, fiery hole has been burned in your wallet.

You need to make the most out of this purchase.

You need to look good, you need to feel great, and not have a collection of unused bottles collecting dust on your shelves.

With a handful of easy tips and techniques from me, you can make those products last for ages, and get all of the results that you wanted out of them.


get the results you want!

But wait, there's more! get all this INCLUDED, free!

Actually there isn’t.

I’ll be really happy if you sign up now though.

And every time I update the videos or add new ones, you’ll get access to them for free.

So that’s a plus.


In this course:

It is a curly hair course that emphasizes the styling aspect.

You will receive organized guidance through video tutorials covering basic and advanced styling methods.

Think of it as having a personal curly hair mentor through pre-recorded videos!

This curly hair course online is designed to be inclusive and adaptable for all curly hair types, from loose waves to springy curls.

The first module has tools to help you identify your unique curl pattern so that you can pay attention to the tips tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the most out of the course.

No prior experience is necessary to enroll in the course. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with curly hair, the course is designed to cater to all levels.

The course is 30 minutes long and is conducted online through video lectures, and demonstrations. You can study at your own pace and revisit the material as needed.

Due to the digital nature of my products and services, once payment is made, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. Once you’ve made your purchase, my mission is to give you the tools you need to succeed, and I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. I am here for you, and happy to help in any way I can. So, if you need anything more, you can contact me.




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Begin Your Styling Journey

Watch the videos bit by bit or all at once – and revisit them as often as you want – and get the best results!

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