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Curl Call Online

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Looking for hair help?

Book your 30-min video call now!

Are you a beginner? Or if you need help in any of these areas then this consultation is for you.

This consultation includes:
  • Insights on your current routine
  • Recognise your hair needs
  • Plan your washdays
  • What to do with existing products
  • How to pick products for you
  • A customised step-by-step guide
  • Tried & tested product recos!
  • OR Specific Technique help (LIVE! on request)

How to Book

  • Step 1: Book the call by completing payment
  • Step 2: Pick a slot & Answer Survey
  • Step 3: Join on time! Be ready to take notes.

Post Curl Call support

Open to progress checks via Instagram DM/EMAIL within 1.5months of the call.

Is this one time?

If you need to change your routine/products because of new weather, relocation, lifestyle changes like pregnancy/postpartum, sudden illness like post-covid help, and things of that nature, please book another session, as needed.

But how will it really work?

Are you usually weary about virtual consults because it’s hard to see the texture of hair to determine what is wrong or what it needs? So you think to yourself, hmm, but how will this work?

You’ll be prompted to fill out a form where you’ll tell me more about your hair, and what you need help with and what your budget is. My product/routine recommendation is based on your survey response. The survey must be answered at least 24hrs before our call. Your photos and survey responses validate the texture and hair needs. I’ve been doing both online and hands-on (see @myhairladyhere ) sessions since 2017 and Praise God I am able to make correlations, spot issues and problem solve very easily. YAY!

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One thought on “Curl Call Online

  1. Liz is doing a wonderful work. I can see the change is second wash day itself. Previously to get perfect curls I need to spend 2 hours of finger coiling. But now with not much time I can get super juicy curls. Thank you for being with me Liz. This couldn’t happen without you. I am really happy with the change. ❤️❤️

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