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Why my clients love working with me!

Thanushree B

“But honestly honestliz. Thanks to your honest reviews and your utmost dedication I am able to reach this level on my hair styling and washing.”

Sumali K

“Curls are getting tighter and tighter… This is despite no sleep protection for the last two nights (had a headache) so skipped…Thank you so so much Liz!
I love the fact that i now know what to do and when ❤️ feels very empowering”

Sanchi G

“You are making this hair care bit so interesting and engaging for me. Love it! i used to run away from washing my hair. And now it’s so much fun”

Supriya S

My hair is bursting with playful curls! Thank you so much. Also thank you for the innumerable tips on how to style fine curly hair. Can’t wait to play with it more!”

Rhea A

“I started following Liz back in 2018 in a desperate attempt to care for my curly hair. I discovered a whole new world and found an amazing guide in Liz. It’s been nothing but a wholesome journey of learning since then.


“Was buying vegetables down the road when a lady came up and said “I love your hair.” I got the ultimate compliment!”

Shruthi P

Yo Liz! I was so skeptical about how I was going to sport my hair at a wedding. But I just went with your instructions and, my God … I received such compliments!”


“Thank you so much, Liz, for teaching me how to treat my hair and my life. It felt like I was meeting a friend. Thank you for being patient with me and for giving my hair such beauty. Not only does it feel good, it looks great, and I feel like I’m on top of the world”

Dhanya P

Hi Liz, I’ve been working with your recommendations since July (2021). Really experimented around with techniques and such. I just wanted to tell you that my hair feels amazing now. It’s so soft. It’s a mix of waves and curls and every time I wash my hair, I fall in love all over again and it’s all because of you! Thank you so much! I’ve struggled with my hair my entire life and now I feel so good about it. Thank you again for literally saving my hair. I really do appreciate your time and effort

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