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Looking for a trusty hair mask? Look no further. But what makes it honest you say? I’ve tried these hair masks at home, on my hair, for weeks, sometimes years before adding to this list and recommending to you.

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Top Hair Mask Recommendations [India]

  • Sugarboo Rejuvenating & Strengthening Hair Mask

Coconut-free, with their signature ingredient plat keratin, this mask is ideal for color treated coarse hair, fine or wavy hair too. Loved the slip it gave me, but you have to wait a minute to detangle after application. Use my code: HONESTLIZ to save 20% to buy here.

  • Dot & Key Moringa & Argan

This is coconut-free and shea butter free! It has mild protein making is acceptable for low porosity hair also. Ideal for all hair types! I found this very rich for my coarse hair, with the Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Olive and Avocado Oils. So for best results I use this before shampoo during summer and after shampoo in winters. Available at most commercial online stores in India like Nykaa also. Buy here.

  • Amsarveda Hair Mask

This is the first hair mask I purchased when I started my curly journey in 2017. It is protein and moisture balanced. Ideal for healthy hair or medium porosity hair. The best part is the size! It comes in a 400gm tub so it can comfortably last you 6-8 months or a year depending on the length and texture of your hair. Buy Here.

  • Fix My Curls Protein Treatment

This is one of my favorite products from this brand! Mostly because this is the only thing that can cocktail successfully with most other brands. I explain more on my review here. My top tip with this would be about the time you keep it in your hair. 5-10 minutes Thick coarse hair. Keep longer up to 15-20 minutes for fine hair or wavy hair. it can last a long time so I suggest buying the small size. Buy Here.

  • Bella Vita Mask

This is high protein mask. Only recommend this for wavy hair or fine hair. If you have thick coarse hair like mine, you’ll find it very drying. The best part about this mask is the smell and slip on it. I mean it will help you detangle and glide through your hair but only if your hair needs protein. Ideal for fine colored hair or bleach damaged hair. Buy Here.

  • Detoxie Hair Mask

This is also a protein mask, and i find most Indian masks have protein. I really like how this mask smells, like a nice-smelling-clean-man 🙂 I don’t know how else to describe it except it definitely smells calming to me. Does it do the job? Absolutely! Don’t be skeptical abut the size of this baby tub. You need toniest amounts. Emulsify nicely on your palms before applying. See tutorial below Buy Here.

Coconut-Free Hair Masks [International]

These masks are very moisturizing. Even though they have minimal protein it helps my coarse hair replenish moisture. These masks emulsify really well on wet palms. Unlike Indian hair masks mentioned above, you need very less quantities of these international hair masks.

Curly Hair Masks [International]

For all hair types! I find that my colored/bleached coarse hair thrives with these hair masks!

If these are still not affordable and/or you’re looking for more sustainable hair mask options, check out my DIY hair mask recommendations.

If your hair is overly heat or color damaged then you’ll need bond repair treatments in addition to your regular hair mask routine.

Hope this was easy to follow. This list is not exhaustive; it is just what works for my coarse curly hair because they are coconut-free, and silicone-free. Don’t worry, these work for all my 1:1 clients with different textures as well. You just have to use the one best for your texture.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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  1. Just the right time. Wad looking to shop one for myself.
    I have been eyeing on the Arata hair mask.
    May I know ur take on that please ?

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