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For the love of DIY: OKRA GEL Tutorial here

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This DIY hair gel is an excellent moisturiser, so affordable and easy to make, no smell!

Perhaps you’ve tried okra before as a deep moisturizer and then rinsed off but have you ever thought of using it as a styler? Okra gel goes on top of a leave in or a curl cream. It doesn’t leave my hair sticky, but sticks the curl clumps together, enhances curl definition – primary reason to use a hair gel for curly hair. Thank you for the inspiration  @jenny_thecurlymom ❤️

Ideal for fine hair, low density hair, or anyone looking for more VOLUME! See my results here. After shampoo, I styled with Dot & Key Volumising serum and with a generous amount of my okra gel! You can get that serum on so many Indian online shops but use my code HONESTLIZ to save 15% to shop here in India.

How to make Okra Gel

You can use the whole okra, but I use Okra tips & caps* simmered in water until egg white consistency, strained & cooled. (*the ones we discard before cooking?) Zero waste too!

If your gel is dark green, it could be from using the whole okra. That’s the thing with DIY; it’s all unique because it’s your own recipe. If you try, leave me a comment below to share the color of your okra gel, and if it affected your hair color in anyway.

How to Apply Okra Gel on Natural Hair

Best for Low Porosity hair! This is a moisturizing gel, my low porosity thrives with this! I also had a lot of volume even after using a rich leave-in conditioner here. Check out my results here. This gel makes my hair soft, bouncy, and lightweight. Shinier than usual as well.

Okra Gel Vs Flaxseed Gel

I find it better than flaxseed gel. I use generous amounts of okra gel, and it never flakes in my hair, like the white powder bits when you use too much flaxseed gel? Since I like eating okra every week, this is relatively easier to make/strain too.

What about the smell from okra?

It smelled like fresh grinded leaves to me – reminded me on the childhood times when we made fake food in the tiny kitchen with leaves 😂 it was such a nice memory. After my hair dries, there is no smell at all in my hair, just the way I prefer it

How to store okra gel and how long will in last?

I prefer making DIY things in small batches only – just enough for 1-2 uses. I recommend you use up immediately or store in the fridge for up to 2-3 days only.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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