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6 Fascinating Reasons People Like Glycolic Acid for Curly Hair

Oh yes! Your read it right, Glycolic Acid for hair! This is a continuation from my original post on Glycolic Acid being a budget alternative for Olaplex! I did some more research and found so many studies proving how this skincare product doubles as bond repair treatment for hair too! Here’s what I found from this source, among others.

  1. Reduces tangles by reducing friction!
  2. Resilient to heat/sun/bleach.
  3. Reflective shine after treatment.
  4. Rough hair softens immediately.
  5. Restores elasticity, flexibility.
  6. Resistant to humidity, less swelling.
  7. Reduced breakage
    …making it easy to style and maintain curly hair!

Note: Glycolic acid’s primary function is exfoliation. So when applied to scalp, it removes dead skin cells; thus providing a better, cleaner environment for hair growth. Here’s my tutorial. I use it both on my scalp and curly hair.

How often must one do this? As with any bonding repair treatments, the frequency depends on your hair damage. I have healthy hair so I can get away with once a month treatment. If you have heat damage, color damage, sun damage even, do this weekly once. Then slow down once your hair starts feeling healthier.

I purchased mine last year for my acne-prone skin. A holy grail for my skin, I couldn’t empty this giant bottle in so long! So pleased we can repurpose it for our hair now. Thanks to story responses from my Instagram fam, here is a quick list of places you can buy The Ordinary Glycolic Acid. (That’s what I use).

Where to Buy

? If you have a trustworthy source for your country, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add it here. Contact me!

Deciem Ordinary Glycolic Acid Alternatives

In case you can’t find the Ordinary Glycolic Acid anywhere in India. Please note, I have not tried these following products (yet). Studies recommend using 5-7% glycolic acid. So use your own discretion to consider these.

  • Eclat
  • Derma Co
  • Different concentrations at local pharmacy 
  • Pixie Toner 
  • Minimalist 
  • Neemli 

PRO Helpful Tips – (after application)

I recommended glycolic acid over Olaplex on my original post because it’s affordable and easy to do. Here’s a bonus tip according to your hair type:

  • Healthy Coarse Thick Colored Hair: Just shampoo+conditioner+style (leave-in & gel)
  • Damaged Colored/Bleached Hair: Deep Condition after shampoo to lock in moisture.
  • Fine Hair/ Low Density Hair: Use strong shampoo+style with protein products!

These are suggestions based on my experienced working with different textures. You’ll still have to try and see what works better for you ❤️ Let me know if you do! Thank you for watching & reading.

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15 thoughts on “6 Fascinating Reasons People Like Glycolic Acid for Curly Hair”

  1. Loved this comprehensive guide on not just how to use it but also where we can purchase it. Only wish it was available in India from more sites and better prices 😭♥️

    1. Let me know if you find it! Insta sellers have it but after hearing stories about how some of these pages have taken money and not sent products, makes me second guess other platforms. At least on AMAZON you can complain or get your money back.

      1. Hi Liz, on Amazon India, there are multiple sellers of the ordinary’s glycolic acid and not sure which one is trusted as sometimes there are duplicates too

  2. Extremely informative post, loved it!
    If we try out another brand’s glycolic acid, we’ll need to use ‘toners’ only, right?
    Many brands have them as serums/oils as well.

    1. The idea here is to use “face acid” like Glycolic acid with a concentration of 5-7% – oils/serums will other ingredients which may not serve the same purpose or offer the same results as using a facial acid like this.

  3. Lovely! Thank you so much for this! I’ve ordered mine on I’ve mostly received genuine products from there. Will let you know when it arrives though

  4. Studies say Glycolic acid between 5-7% concentration is ideal for this activity. Does this OTC cream have other ingredients though? What if it hinders the real goal of exfoliation/hydration? Use your discretion that way.

  5. Hi Liz! I tried your glycolic acid tutorial and it worked wonders for my hair! Even though I did a lazy wash, the fact that a dime sized amount of clarifying shampoo followed by styling with protein leave in caused shrinkage is shocking! My low density, fine curls look much better than most wash days that take more effort! Thank you for all that you do!

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