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How to refresh curly hair without washing

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The 123 Refresh Method is my go-to on non-washdays. I have thick coarse textured curly hair and low porosity! Unlike other refresh options listed here, the 123 Refresh technique has minimal effort, using tiniest amount of product too.

What is the 123 Refresh Method

  1. Pick the same product as your wash day, could be either cream/gel/mousse, you decide
  2. Emulsify a little product in your wet palms, and graze it over your hair without disturbing your curls.
  3. Diffuse immediately. That’s it!

Pros of 123 Refresh

  • You don’t even have to add too much water,
  • Don’t have to claw/rake into your hair.
  • You’re done within 3-8 minutes depending on how short-long your hair is.
  • So if refreshes have “never” worked for you, give this technique a go!

Disclaimer: This blog is reader-funded. I get commissions for purchases made through links/codes in this post.

Cream+Gel Refresh

This is my no-product hair, and the results go to show you can try this method both ways – previously styled hair or no-product hair! Using Indian Brand Arata’s Advanced Curl Care Refresh Routine. Use my Code: HONESTLIZ for 20% off orders over ₹999!  These products are high in protein. If you have coarse low po hair, these products may dry your hair out. But if you purchased them already, try them this way, in between washdays. Make sure hair is moisturized/hydrated first (with water) to make it work for you.

Serum/Gel Refresh

I’m using The Reflex Serum here, and it is one of my favourite products from this brand. This serum is like a gel that offers shine and hold, even a slight cast if you mix it with a little water💦 Highly recommend it for *fine* hair that may need refreshing almost daily (like me, my short hair needs a bit of upkeep daily too). Use my code: HONESTLIZ15 for 15% discount (worldwide)

Water Refresh

Some styling products reactivate with water only 🥰 This worked today mostly because it was just my second day hair, so Day 2? Styling products are still pretty much fresh? This may not happen with day 3 or 5 hair because by then everything would’ve evaporated.

Oil Refresh

Calling all those who struggle with water refreshes! I’ve been using this @curlyellieintense Hair Oil on my dry hair (in between washdays) and instantly notice my rough dry hair go oh so soft! My hair also looks shinier, and frizz is controlled all day too. Totally recommend! This oils is a bond repair oil too!

These are suggestions based on my experienced working with different textures. You’ll still have to try and see what works better for you ❤️ Let me know if you do! Thank you for watching & reading.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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