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Is Curly Hair Refresh Any Good? 15 Ways You Can Be Certain.

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REFRESH (meaning) = To make curly hair look fresh, without washing.

Did you know? Compared to washday, refreshing curly hair takes relatively less time, minimal effort, and faster drying time! On a recent Instagram poll I asked my curl friends, “Does refreshing curly hair work for you?” and a whopping 76% voted NO! I hope my honest tips help you. If you still want to decode your current routine and products you can always book my 1:1 here. Until then, here we go:

How to Refresh Curly Hair After Sleeping on it?

CASE STUDY: It’s your Day 2/3, second/third day after you washed your hair last. You can either “refresh” or wash it again.  The best way to determine the right technique for your hair needs is to look at it closely.What does it look like? What does your hair need?

  • Is it dry? Add moisture (or detox)
  • Looking limp? It needs protein

My 123 Refresh Method

I have thick coarse textured curly hair and this method is my go-to! Unlike other options listed below, my 123 Refresh technique does not claw/rake into hair. It’s done with minimal effort and with tiniest amount of product. Literally a dot of cream and/or a little blob of gel for one side of my hair. The key here however, is to diffuse right after. By diffusing 1-2minutes on low heat and low speed the curls set faster. Air drying after this technique can be a hit or miss. But diffusing right after is always a win! If you don’t already have one, get an affordable dryer-diffuser from my amazon shop today.

Other Curly Hair Refresh Options

You can do so many things to refresh your curly hair. Just look at what your hair needs and give it that. Here are a few options that work for me:

With water and gel in small sections. Dry as usual. Linked the tutorial here highlight here
Leave it alone. Do nothing. Because sometimes a little bit frizz looks adorable and gives oodles of volume too.
Total Wet hair Doing this may give you two more days until next wash day. But rinse only hair! Apply a homemade flaxseed gel to hold all the curls together.
Rock a hairstyleIt’s better than living the bun life. For ex, apply hair cream, emulsified with wet palms, and braid your hair.
Secret Prepoo  Apply your favorite oil (lightly!) and curl train your hair for a day. Nobody will know you are preparing your hair before washday! More here.
Dry RefreshUsing only oil, and/or a product that doesn’t require water.
Spot RefreshUsing your go-to products but focusing only on the unruly frizzy bits. You can even finger coil stubborn grey sections without disturbing other parts.
Water refreshGraze wet palms on hair to “reactivate” wash day products. Air Dry.
Got for the option based on how your hair feels.

How to Refresh Curly Hair without Water?

Curls may or may not need refreshing at all. When in doubt, don’t refresh! But that’s the whole idea about using a pretty bonnet to preserve your curls while you sleep, nap or travel. For example, when I get ready for church, I’ll fluff my roots and I’ll apply a little bit of oil on my hair and that’s it! That’s how I’ll refresh that day. [Recap: Refresh = making curls look fresh without actually washing it]

On other days I use a potent hair butter like this Mane Method; rub it in my palms to melt it, and just graze it lightly over my curls. Ill put my hair in a plastic shower cap and then take a hot shower. The humid environment helps the butter infuse in my curls like green house effect. I’ll take it out after shower and let it air dry or tie it up in a pineapple. The butter forms a protective layer over my hair. Either way, my curls are cared for and look better than haggard uncared frizzy hair.

The Undeniable Perfect time to Refresh

As a beginner you can be doubtful, should I refresh my hair today? should I not? When in doubt, don’t refresh! When you feel it in your gut I might just ruin this Don’t Refresh! As you go along this journey, there will be days like when you wake up and you be like., Eww! I have to refresh. That’s when you refresh!

Just when you think it can’t get better, it does! – Try my 123 REFRESH METHOD for the win!

A little bit of refresh doesn’t take a lot of time.

These are suggestions based on my experienced working with different textures. You’ll still have to try and see what works better for you ❤️ Let me know if you do! Thank you for watching & reading.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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