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How to make Gelatin hair mask at home

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Want to combat humidity? Add Protein in your curly hair routine! I know what the usual advice is. I’ve seen and heard it all, just like you. And typically, when you’re working to overcome frizz, you’ll be told to do these 3 things: Cowash/Deep condition /Use more hair cream yada yada yadaaa. But my advice? It’s different. You don’t need to spend 1000s of dollars or spend 6 hours a day on washday like with these other methods. Here are 3 ways you can work towards your awesome hair goals, without breaking the bank or exhausting yourself:

  1. Accept frizz is normal, and focus on solutions
  2. Prepoo to prep your hair before washing 
  3. Add protein in your routine intentionally.. here’s a DIY for that!

Why do a Gelatin Treatment at all? Aren’t my regular products enough?

Hair is already made of protein but sometimes if our food diet or product diet cannot compensate for that said protein then an extra treatment like this gelatin DIY can help! Lili says, “The only hair type that “needs” protein is generally heat or chemically damaged (colour) hair requires protein treatments. You can use deep conditioners with protein in it but usually, virgin hair shouldn’t need protein”. You see? Protein attracts moisture, and retains it. So that’s why protein makes hair more balanced and softer especially in humidity. I think this is likely what happened in my case and for many people who use protein treatments. I was very sceptical at first, being protein sensitive and all, but so thankful I tried!

This is generally when you know it’s time for protein.

If you have overly moisturized hair from using your regular products? Times when it feels “too soft” or doesn’t hold the curl. This is when you now it’s time for protein. If it doesn’t go BOING like the first video on this post, it’s time. In my experience of troubleshooting thousands of personal consultations. It depends on what you’ve been doing to your hair, really.

  • When was the last time you treated your hair with protein?
  • Perhaps your products have strong protein already?
  • Fine hair or looser textures like wavy hair typically need more protein (for boing!)
  • If your hair is damaged, you’ll probably need more protein than healthier hair as well. 

Gelatin Quick Fix!

Here’s a $2 DIY to the rescue!

1️⃣ R I C E W A T E R: The protein in here is very minimal, read my Rice Water Guide here

2️⃣ G E L A T I N: This has hydrolysed protein which is automatically higher protein content.

Gelatin is quick because it strengthens hair, also improving overall curl pattern immediately. I was recently inspired by @ingecurls video in which Inge uses the bowl method; however, this gelatine DIY has been around since @risasrizos posted her YouTube video back in Jan 2015! She says this Gelatin Treatment is an extreme treatment so recommends doing it once every other month only!

Why I do Gelatin Treatment

Me? I do not actively do strong protein treatments and mostly use protein-free products. With these habits I know when I need one because hair starts feeling elongated than usual, it gets dry faster than normal and overall it’s just rough and Ewww. That’s when I know I need a protein boost for my hair. I have to confess I am not a DIY person at all BUT here are legit reasons why like gelatin DIY treatment has my attention :

  1. To improve curl pattern – making curls “tighter”
  2. For lasting moisture – so washdays last longer days! #curlsfordays
  3. To improve elasticity – so hair doesn’t break easily under any tension

How I do my Gelatin Treatments

I always do it on clean hair, which means, after shampoo or cowash. Bowl method the gelatin mixture, rinse it out with warm water. Then I deep condition and style as usual. Watch the video below to see the sequence! With practice and experience I have noticed my hair does not do well with high protein. Considering this, you will notice I used only two teaspoons of the gelatin powder in hot water in the video. This was on purpose. Most videos I studied before trying this treatment used the whole box at one go! Use your discretion. 

Low Gelatin dose

Using less gelatin in more water allowed me the convenience to apply the treatment easily. I used the Bowl Method, you’ll see it in just a minute. There was no cast either. From my research, I noticed that gelatin hardens hair stiff! This did not happen with me, although it felt hard and different – but not flagpole stiff if you know what I mean.

Pro Tip: For a higher dose of protein, use more gelatin and make sure your mixture is jelly-consistency. How hard your hair feels will also give you an indication of the level of protein in your DIY gelatin treatment.

Aftercare: the deep conditioner should be protein free or with protein? Ideally you need moisture to balance the protein of the gelatin so use protein-free mask after. But protein-hungry high porosity can benefit from a mask with low protein ingredients as well. Use your discretion.

Can I mix the hair mask with gelatin and apply? This totally depends on how long you want to keep the mask in your hair. The more you keep any treatments in your hair the stronger it gets for your hair. If you don’t have time to follow the steps, you may do this, but I won’t advice you leave it in your hair for more 20min. Use your discretion as always. 

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Thank you for watching & reading!

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2 thoughts on “How to make Gelatin hair mask at home”

  1. Thank you for putting up this diy details.. i got a quick question.. I think I have moisture overload and wanted to do this diy treatment to restore some protein.
    you have mentioned to use a deep conditioner post gelatin treatment, Since I have moisture overload is it ok to skip this? Or shall i apply bounce curl deep conditioner and keep the deep conditioner for 10min?
    Thank you for for your answer.

    1. Hi Chaitra – Since we’ve worked together I know that your hair will get easily moistursied. So after gelatin you could just condition twice and see how that feels? If hair feel dry then do the mask in the next wash

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