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How to Prepoo Natural Hair

by honestlizhere
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Healthy curly hair doesn’t happen with styling alone. My process starts at prepoo, that’s the first step. This process treats both my hair and scalp before washing. Here’s what you need to know!

4 Signs you need to PREPOO next wash!

  1. Breakage 
  2. Slow hair growth 
  3. Knots & Tangles
  4. Clean hair and scalp .. very clean.

Prepoo makes hair softer, and therefore more manageable during wash. Easy washes decrease overall breakage and hair loss that occurs with *just* the way you handle your hair. But Oil forms a barrier, that’s true. In addition to nutrition, Prepoo oils offer protection from shower trauma like water pressure, excessive swelling of the hair cuticles, or too much shampooing.

What is Prepoo 

Prepoo is PREparing your hair before shamPOO. Traditional hot oil treatments are actually “deep conditioning”. So this process, at least for me, is very different. Because oils form a barrier, I suggest you steam hair first. Then use a little bit of oil to trap the wonderful water from the steam. You can also do this directly on dry hair before washing. Depending on how rough and dry your hair is, keeping overnight is optional. I prefer overnight prepoo for my coarse hair. If you have fine hair you may not need this level of moisture and 5-10min is ideal for you. 

Pro Tip: Don’t Prepoo if hair feels soft already/ Prepoo to fight humidity! 

How To Prepoo 

Method: Section your hair and coat hair with product and detangle. Scalp Massage. Cover with a shower cap (important!!) Keep at least 20 minutes before wash. You can keep it overnight based on how your hair feels. Prepoo makes a big difference for my hair, making it softer and shinier. My prepoo days are always the best! Here’s a quick video:

When to *not* Prepoo

The goal is to detangle and moisturize hair so your shampoo doesn’t strip all the moisture out of your hair. It sounds a bit counterintuitive because why would you do this on dirty hair? You actually don’t. If your hair feels buildup-y, has gunk from using butter-y heavy products? Then no, do not prepoo in this dirty hair. There’s no point. This kind of hair needs a detox!  Pronto. . 

Special note: Do NOT use oils before you come over for your haircut at my salon

I prepoo overnight few times a month. This is for intense hydration when my hair feels really really dry. I use a shower cap under my bonnet.  If you have smoother, looser texture there is the risk of hygral fatigue with overnight prepoo on wet hair. So use your discretion as always. 

Don’t prepoo before Olaplex treatment or ACV Rinses. Special treatments like that work best on buildup free hair!

If you want to focus only on your scalp, read my Ultimate Guide to Scalp Massages here.

What to use

Use Your favorite essential oils, curl cream or intense oil serums. Using a conditioner for a better slip is optional. Apply your product lightly but evenly, and wear a shower cap over. This offers a “greenhouse effect” trapping your body heat and allowing oils to penetrate in your hair. Traditionally, coconut oil is used a lot in india. But did you know? Coconut oil works better as a carrier oil. So it works better when you mix essential oils in it. Me? I’m not a professional “blender”. I cannot risk blending wrong essential oil combinations and having my scalp suffer because of silly mistakes. So I just buy ready-made oil blends.

Top Prepoo Products for Curly Hair

This is not deep conditioning so be gentle, and light. If you apply heavy oils or butter to prepoo you probably need to detox your hair more frequently. So measure out the consequences of whatever you do too. A treatment like this helps my hair grow since it nourishes and stimulates my scalp. The best part though? It’s the relaxing herbal scent of my favourite oils to wind my busy day down⁣. Let me know if this article helped you  – leave a comment below! 

Thank you for watching & reading!

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