You heard it first here! Seriously humidity is one of the muggiest weathers. I love it because I’m such a tropical soul and all that, but my curly hair? Not as much. It’s a poof ball in NO time. Well, here are my suggestions and styling recommendations that work for me – Hope you beat the humidity with these too!

Get Bomb results, consistently, if you follow these tips! Let me know if you do. DM on my Instagram @HonestLizHere for a feature 🙂

✅ Tip #1: P R E P O O

What is it? It’s PREparing your hair before shamPOO.  Gently coat your hair with something like a product like Righteous Roots Prepoo Oil (overnight for my high porosity hair now, after coloring) Anyway, Prepoo ensures your hair is moisturised and the oil seals; so then, moisture doesn’t escape the whole time it is working on your hair to become soft and manageable in the shower, later.  Here are quick resources to learn more about the benefits of Prepoo (it’s not hot oil treatment BTW)

✅ Tip #2: COwash

What is it? It’s WASHing your hair with COnditioner (meant for cowashing only, please do NOT use regular conditioner to do this and then wonder why you’re experiencing itchy scalp or hair fall. Please don’t.) Even if you can’t cowash, that’s fine. At least, “work” your conditioner in, for a few minutes like I show you in this video here:

Best Products to Cowash with (my favourites – BUY HERE!)

One of my favourite cowashes is the Eden Coconut Cowash – shoppers in India buy here. Its one-and-done product too! Just use it, rinse, style and you’re ready to go. Moreover, this cowash has mild protein which totally helps High Porosity hair or truly damaged hair to heal and bounce back with better curl pattern. #HonestLizApproved

The second place has to go to As I Am Coconut Cowash – shoppers in India buy here. It’s completely protein-free and great price for that size. I have reviewed this already in another post. READ it here –How to Cowash!  You will need a regular conditioner after you rinse this one out. I suggest getting the conditioner with a little protein to balance! For example, Jessicurl Too Shea or Curly Ellie Nourishing Conditioner, both do the job well!

The third place goes to Mielle Organics- shoppers in India buy here .. This also has a mild protein, has an extremely great slip and I love how moisturising it is also. I explain how to use it on my YouTube video! Watch it here! Again, you will need a regular conditioner after you rinse this one out. I suggest getting the conditioner with a little protein to balance! For example, Jessicurl Too Shea or Curly Ellie Nourishing Conditioner, both do the job well!

I absolutely adore Bounce Curl Cleansing Conditioner – Shoppers in India buy here. It’s got high-quality ingredients, far superior to anything else I’ve put in my hair. It’s got a great slip and works best when paired with Bounce Curl Cream Conditioner.  If you wanted to order Bounce Curl directly (they ship worldwide!) Use my code HONESTLIZ to save $$ Thank me later.

✅ Tip #3: DC – Deep Condition!

Your hair tends to dry out quickly in humidity. So one of the best ways to restore all that lost moisture is to Deep Condition, at least once a week. Shoppers in India Buy Rawkyn here. Learn why Rawkyn is one of the best deep conditioners I recommend on my Red Rawkyn review here.

✅ Tip #4: Styling with Products designed to beat Humidity!

Sandwich Styling for the win! Is what I call using a mousse between your leavein and gel. You heard it first FROM HONEST LIZ!! Well, I learned the technique from @HoneyBlondeGigi but I christened it as “sandwiching” Anyway, doing this helps you achieve that EXTRA definition and hold you may prefer while faffing around in the hot humidity. Here’s a fancy mousse if you love smelling fancy and rich!

I love using @ddgirlswithcurls mousse, I reviewed the DD Curls Mousse here,  but if that isn’t accessible to you in India then here is an awesome budget alternative!

Best Styling Products for Humidity (buy here)

  • Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel! (Use code HONESTLIZ to save $$) Now, remember, Bounce has glycerine but STILL works in humidity because of the Jojoba Esters within the formulation. This is my first recommendation for a gel, its bae 🙂
  • Bounce Curl Hair Spray – Even if you have weird stylers with glycerine, you can lock them up with this spray. it’s formulated to give you a stong hold and keep frizz at bay, especially during humidity. I love it. Remember to spray it only 3 times, like here on this video

  • Cachos Brazilian Rio Mist + Combing Creme – These are my results with Cachos 🙂 Oh I loved how moisturised and soft, and light my hair felt with Cachos stylers! Both are protein-free and glycerine-free which makes it absolutely perfect for humidity. Results here:

  • Curl Keeper ORIGINAL IS MY NEW BAE. I love how you don’t need a leave-in or a curl cream or anything else to make it work. If you’re a beginner and not sure which styler to buy, get this – ONE AND DONE! I mean, look at my results here on this post.

If you’re in a hurry then Shoppers in India can purchase from Amazon. However, if you wanted to save money (and ensure authentic product directly from the brand) then I suggest you patiently wait and get Curl Keeper from my store, Honest Products Coming soon!

Youtube Videos!

I love how @Mamasitta explains this Curl Keeper Original product and also shows you how she uses it in this video. Watch the whole thing. Make sure you subscribe to her Youtube while you’re at it!

So this is my list and I would probably update it as I find new things! However, I found this awesome video by M.A.D. Curls and these ladies explain moarrrrr product options to beat humidity (USA mostly)

For now, these are my Top tips to fight humidity. Let me know if this helps you! TAG #Honestliz in your posts and stories ??❤️

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  1. I recently discovered your IG and blog and just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all this information! As a curly girl living in Bangkok, Thailand this is super helpful!

  2. Hi Liz. Thanks for writing this post.. Your website is go to for all curly hair related information.
    Just a doubt. can we prepoo before cowash like how we do before shampoo?

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