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How to keep curly hair from frizzing in humidity

by honestlizhere
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Humid weather is the muggiest time of the year. I love it because I’m such a tropical soul and all, but my curly hair? Not so much. Without proper care, my curls go POOF in no time. If you have the same frizzing problem then I hope my suggestions here will be useful. Let me know if you beat the humidity with these tips too! But first, here’s what you need to know about curls and humidity.

How does humidity affect Curly Hair

To effectively handle any problem, understanding the cause helps us a lot. What’s the reason for ze poofiness? Imagine a balloon and how it swells and rises up when you blow it? Same thing happens to curly hair in humidity. Well, more or less. The hair cuticles rise up and swell after absorbing the moisture in the air. The more moisture it absorbs the more it swells. So that’s why certain products that work in winters may not be the best in the summer. Take a closer look at your products in humidity. Certain products speed up the swelling, making hair frizzier even faster than normal during humidity. So first step to beat humidity? Avoiding those kind of products. If you can’t then read on for more tips!

How to Handle Curly Hair in Humidity

Avoid humectants. Humectants in those “certain” products speed up hair swelling. Humectants attract water molecules like a magnet!! This is a great thing because Humectants moisturise dry hair. But we don’t want them to swell hair in humidity. Humectants commonly found in most curly hair products are as follows:

  • Glycerine
  • Honey 
  • Aloe 

Now I don’t want you to take this at face value. Since a majority of hair products contain these lovely ingredients it would mean boycotting all hair products in humidity. No, we cannot afford that. So remember, brands formulate products with a mix of different ingredients. For example, Bounce Curl light Creme gel (one of my OG favs) has glycerine but it works in humidity also! Why? Because of the “jojoba esters” it just makes the glycerin work, that’s what Merian said, founder Bouncecurl. Similarly, there are other humidity-resisting ingredients that my friend Shosh so clearly explains here in this post.  So basically don’t freak out if your products have humectants! They most likely have humidity resisting ingredients like Polyquats, Coploymer, Polymide etc, formulated in too.

How to Tame Curly Hair in Humidity

See if incorporating any or all of these humidity hacks in your existing routine make a difference. If you don’t already start now to beat humidity! 

✅ P R E P O O

This is applying oil before shampoo but NO. It’s not a hot oil treatment though. Read the complete guide to Prepoo here. Why it works in humidity? It ensures your hair is moisturized, and is soft and manageable in the shower. So you can wash and style your hair easily.

✅ Cowash Often

Are you washing your hair more than usual? So instead of washing with harsh harsh shampoos frequently you cowash instead. Shampoo weekly once and alternate with something gentle like a cowash. If you cowash anyway remember to detox your curls from time to time.

✅ Add Protein

If you find your hair frizzing faster than normal, incorporate gentle protein treatments like a Rice Water. If your hair is not satisfied with gentle proteins then try something stronger. If you’ve never done a protein treatment EVER then try this Gelatin DIY.

✅ Deep Condition

Your hair tends to dry out quickly in humidity so that’s why this helps. As a beginner, I deep conditioned twice a week. Sometimes I do it before shampooing. Decide how and how often based on your convenience. Use my code HONESTLIZ for 10% off any Deep Conditioner listed here in India.

Styling Hacks

Sandwich Styling is, what I call, using a mousse between your cream and gel.  I learned the technique from Gigi . This combo is for that EXTRA definition and hold for curls in humidity. Of course the 123 Gel method is fool-proof for most hair types! Try using oil before your gel or finger coiling to ensure even product distribution too. But most importantly..

Use Best Curly Hair Products for Humid Weather

Like dry skin needs lotion, a starving belly needs food, my curly hair needs products to achieve a certain look! Listed my favorite products here. These are now in India as well. Find them at Curlsboutique.com use my code HONESTLIZ for 10% discount. Please use the protein products carefully. I mostly use protein-free products so use your discretion as always!

If you need help to figure things out, Book my 1:1 consultation here.

Thank you for reading!

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