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How to take care of Curly Hair Basics

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In this series I want to share my insights with you, for doing a thing you are already doing, but doing it better! I received awesome responses on my Instagram story recently and these are only answer a few of them here. More to be shared on next blog posts!

If you have a curly-thing you want to do better, I’ll be happy to respond to your comment. 

Scalp Issues

Dry Grey Roots

  • Grey hair is naturally dry, much drier than normal hair. Switch to gentle shampoos that look creamy and do not strip the natural oils off your scalp. If you apply thick oils on your scalp? Maybe stop that because that will require strong shampoos to remove all out. 

Product Recommendation:

Sweaty Scalp

Scalp massage to distrIbute your oils (if its feeling oily?). Dry your scalp under the fan after workouts! You can also use bonnet-hooded dryers to save time! Try Soulta Beauty Satin Diffuser Cap [promo code: HONESTLIZ]. The diffuser cap fits into any dryer easily. Just plop your hair into this, blast at high speed, low heat, and dry your sweaty scalp in 2-3 minutes! See my video here

Detangling Curly Hair

How to not get knots in the first place!!

Do you know about ACV Rinses? Did you know, leaving the ACV rinse in your hair, and styling over it (without washing it out!) can help you prevent excessive tangles. Read about it here. Another way is to apply conditioner first, shampoo after. Detangling with your conditioner on wet hair is far easier than dealing with dry detangling. Try using a detangling product specifically formulated for curly hair. Here’s my Treluxe Primer Review.

Using leave-in, still, sometimes the next day hair is dry & tangled.

A leave-in conditioner helps you detangle your hair and prime it for your hair styling product (like mousse, or gel). If you only use a leave-in, it may evaporate within a day, leaving you with dry hair. Tangles are caused by dryness. If you want more days with your curls, use a hair gel immediately after hair gel. See my favorite hair gels here

Curly Hair Maintenance

Day 2 hair/To maintain curls till the washday.

There are two options to maintain curls between washes. One is to refresh it (make it look fresh without washing) and second is to protect it with the right bonnets and pillow covers. There are many ways to refresh, the best one that works for me is the 123 Refresh method.  

To oil every 3rd day or practice shampoo, condition, cream, gel

Applying (and heavily?) will require a string shampoo. Using string shampoo twice a week will dry your hair out. I suggest you apply oil lightly, the way I do here, if you want to do it every 3 days. You can also skip the oil on your second wash in the week! Oil only once a week, and that’s ok too.

Maintain Curls after wash day, I stop paying attention after day 3

When you use natural hair products, it’s normal to get dry hair by day 3. It just means your products have evaporated, and curls need more moisture (via more products). To get fresh curls you have only options. You can either refresh or wash again! If you are in the middle of the week and have no time for an elaborate wash, try a simple wash? I like my conditioner+gel wash this summer. If not, then try any one of the refresh techniques listed here

Thank you, come again.

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