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A Simplified Routine for Fine, Soft Curly Hair

What can I do with fine thin curly hair? How do you soften fine curly hair? What is considered fine curly hair? How to thicken curly fine hair?

If you have fine, soft curly hair, you know the struggle of maintaining volume and definition. Your curls feel limp, get weighed down easily, and can feel lifeless in no time, making it difficult to achieve that perfect balance of bounce and definition.

With over 4 years of hands-on experience as a curly hairstylist I understand the unique challenges of managing fine, soft curls, and I am here to help you simplify your routine and bring out the best in your beautiful hair.

The Problem with Over-Moisturizing

For those with fine, soft curly hair, over-moisturizing is a common predicament. While moisture is essential for healthy curls, too much can leave your hair feeling limp and greasy. The key is to strike the right balance, ensuring your hair gets the nourishment it needs without being weighed down. Here’s a streamlined routine to help you achieve voluminous, defined curls without the heaviness.

Step 1: Use a Strong Shampoo

Begin your routine with a strong shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hair. This will remove any product buildup and excess oils, giving your curls a fresh start. Look for a clarifying shampoo to use weekly. A good cleanse will create the perfect foundation for the rest of your styling routine. You can also detox your hair once a month using DIY clay treatments or sneak in an ACV rinse every fortnight.

Step 2: Protein Mask

Fine, soft curly hair often benefits from a protein boost. Get a protein mask into your routine at least once a week, then slow down as your hair starts feeling healthy. This is to strengthen your hair and enhance its elasticity. Protein treatments help rebuild your hair’s structure, giving it the resilience it needs to maintain curl definition and volume.

I highly the Treluxe Protein Restorative Mask from USA; this is gentle and effective and works for all hair types. You can;t go wrong with it so its a safe bet. Remember to use my Treluxe promo code: HONESTLIZ15 and get 15% OFF Treluxe USA website.

Step 3: Style with Gel or Mousse (or Both)

For styling, gels and mousses are your best friends. These products help define your curls and add volume without the heaviness. Gels provide hold and definition, while mousses add body and lift. Depending on your hair’s needs, you can use one or both:

  • Curly Hair Gel: Apply a lightweight gel like TréLuxe Hi! Definition™ Curl Enhancer Styling Gel to soaking wet hair. Rake it in to evenly distribute first. Then scrunch your curls to encourage clumping and definition. This gel offers a medium to high hold that keeps frizz away. It also has a little protein to maintaining the boing in your curls. See other protein gel recommendations here.
  • Curly Hair Mousse: For added volume, end your routine with a mousse. Scrunch in a volumizing mousse, I don’t recommend brush styling with a mousse. so it’s up to you how you apply it. Either way, a mousse will give your curls a lift and create a fuller appearance. My top mousse recommendations are here.

Combining these styling products can offer the best of both worlds – definition and volume. Experiment with the ratios to find what works best for your hair type and styling preferences. If you need more product recommendations then check out my products guide!

Simplify for Success

The beauty of this routine lies in its simplicity. By focusing on cleansing, strengthening, and defining, you can achieve beautiful, bouncy curls without the need for excessive products or complicated steps. Remember, less is often more when it comes to fine, soft curly hair (and also for any other hair types, that’s what I teach in my curly hair online course)

Ready to improve your natural curls and simplify your hair care routine? Book a 1:1 consultation with me. I am a curly hair stylist with hands-on experience working with different textures. I’ll help you find the perfect products and routine tailored to your unique hair needs. Say goodbye to weighed-down curls and hello to hydrated, healthy, and voluminous hair!

Book your consultation today and take the first step towards your best curls yet!

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