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How to use mousse for curly hair?

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A curl mousse is a styling product. A fluffy white cloud that promises curl definition of our dreams. How to use curl mousse on curly hair? Could a curl mousse be a one-product-wonder? Read on to learn more

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6 Reasons to try curl mousse today

Get more than just definition and shine you want with a curl mousse.

  1. Acts like a curl activator to enhance curl clumps (curl families).
  2. Works as one and done! Fine or low density hair types can work with a mousse alone
  3. Holds definition for longer days, get more days out of your styling.
  4. Is lightweight to achieve bouncy, defined curls if you struggle with flat hair.
  5. Offers instagram-worthy volume with a mousse, best for low density hair.
  6. Protects curls in all weather making it humidity proof


I won a mousse in an international giveaway in Nov 2017 – goes to show giveaways are real 🙂 Since then I’ve tested several other mousses. Read on to learn how to use a mousse to achieve curl-crush worthy hair!

Top 5 Mousses I recommend for curly hair

Note: All products I use and recommend are SLS-FREE, SILICONE-FREE, FREE OF PARABEN & DRYING ALCOHOLS. Basically, honest 🙂

All these mousses have protein, my color treated hair thrives with them all!

  1. Discover Treluxe Curl Defining Mousse (discount code: HONESTLIZ15 to save 15%)
  2. Miribel Naturals VA VA Volumizing Foam (discount code: HONESTLIZHERE to save 10%)
  3. Only Curls London Mousse (discount code: HONESTLIZ to save 5GBP)
  4. Boucleme Super Volumizing Foam (discount code: HONESTLIZ15 to save 15%)
  5. Sugarboo Curls Styling Foam (discount code: HONESTLIZ to save 20%)

Mini-reviews for all these, and list of more tried and tested mousses here.

I do not recommend Pantene Mousse and Herbal Essences Mousse for curly hair. These are always trending on Instagram as they are affordable and easily accessible. The ingredient DMDM Hydantoin found in them is a formaldehyde and has been in the news since 2019 due to the numerous class lawsuits filed against this ingredient in the US.

Hair Mousse Vs Gel? Is Mousse better?

Here’s my easy-to-follow mousse guide

This is the best part. Depending on which brand of mousse, you can use this on dry, wet or damp hair. Here are estimations to work with:

  • Short Hair – dollar coin
  • Medium Hair – half-a-palmful
  • Long Hair – palmful of mousse, and more depending on how dense hair is.

For best results, thick and dense hair should be styled in sections. Apply one pump of styling mousse to each section. Me? I usually just scrunch a mousse in directly – no hair brushes, no manipulation like finger coils with it. Nada. Peekaboo my styling video here

How do I use Mousse on my curly hair

Shake the bottle before you dispense the product.

Using a styling mousse on wet hair that is freshly cleasned gives me volume. By that I mean hair is that moisturized with either leave-in or cream first, and then ending with a mousse.

Using a styling mousse on dry hair, in between washdays. This is to define frizzy parts, especially my grey hair. This makes it look fresh again in no time (& without adding water!).

How to use mousse on short curly hair – see video below

When to use a Mousse based on textures

  • Coarse hair: Use cream+mousse+gel for the best volume and definition.
  • Fine curly hair or wavy hair textures: try using mousse alone for best results.
  • If you have soft water and coarse hair, end your routine with a mousse to avoid flat hair.


A curly mousse is like wearing a corset under your dress to instantly improve your curl posture. Give your curls and waves the hourglass with a mousse 🙂 Mousses or foams are universal hair products depending on cleverly you incorporate it in your routine. You will have to try and see what works for you. Trial and error is is key.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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3 thoughts on “How to use mousse for curly hair?”

  1. Liz, the Schwarzkop mousse is absolutely awesome. I barely need a small dollop for my coarse, thick hair. I use it after applying my leave-in and cream but before my gels. I’ve noticed I get less frizz wen I use this mousse before my gels. Its been about 6 months and I still have about 3/4th of the bottle left. This is an absolutly amazing find for 900bucks.

    Yet another example of how your recommendation has helped me in my curly hair journey. Thanks a ton Liz….ur the best.

  2. Hey Liz! Great article! I have been a foam fan for a long time, I want to try a mousse now. Which would you recommend from your list for someone with fine, wavy, low porosity and medium density hair?

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