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Best Mousse for Curly Hair, tried & tested!

Do you put mousse in wet or dry hair curly? What does mousse do for curly hair? When should I put mousse in my curly hair? How do I use mousse correctly?Best mousse for curly hair Curly hair mousse reviews Volumizing mousse for curly hair Lightweight mousse for curly hair Alcohol-free mousse for curly hair

Style Curls with Ease. Get silky, frizz-free curls with the right mousse! See which one is most affordable and accessible to you by tapping on the links.

Disclaimer: If you use any of the affiliated links or codes to purchase, I may earn a small commission from it. Please note this article reader-supported. Thank you for supporting my work here.

Note: Ingredients listed may vary slightly from products received. Before use, refer to packaging for most up-to-date in ingredient information and any warnings or instructions.

Caution: Just like using any styling products over time, some of these mousses can buildup. Make sure you detox your hair from time to time to remove that and reset your hair.

Pro Tip: Depending on which mousse or foam you buy, some may feel sticky on your hair. If that happens you’ve used too much! Next time, try less quantities. Learn more from my mousse guide here.

Top 3 Mousses i LOVE

All these mousses have protein, my color treated hair thrives with them all. No sulfates, no silicone, no drying alcohols, no paraben, no animal testing, no mineral oil, no paraffin in these either. YAY!

Protein-Free Mousse in India

My low porosity coarse hair loved using these. Pair with protein products if you want to make this work for fine, wavy or color treated hair.

  1. SugarBoo Curls St6yling Foam – Use gel over this for extra hold. [promo code: HONESTLIZ]
  2. True Frog Mousse – Don’t use too much to avoid weighing your hair down.
  3. OSIS Grip Mousse Use on damp hair for best results, use gel over this.

Let me know if you get any of these mousses mentioned above, or need help troubleshooting with them. Happy to help for your support you back, anytime!

Other Tried and Tested Mousses for Curly Hair

All safe for curly hair – sulfate/silicone/paraben free. I understand my favorites may not be accessible and/or affordable to everyone. Here’s a list. Tap on the links to decide if you want to experiment with them instead.


Hair mousse is a great styling product for all types of hair. It helps to add volume and texture, and can be used to create a variety of styles. It can be used on all lengths, from short to long, and is a great way to add volume and definition to your look. Whether you put your curly hair down or tie it in braids, mousse is a great styling tool to help you achieve the look you desire.

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