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3 Treluxe Products You can use for Fine Curly Hair

Is TréLuxe good for fine hair? What products to use for fine curly hair? Which Olaplex is best for fine curly hair? Which hair treatment is best for thin curly hair? Which hair treatment is best for thin curly hair? What should you not use for fine hair? What can I use on very fine hair?
Actually four. Check out this genuine transformation of fine curly hair using Treluxe hair products. Wondering if these products are effective? Continue reading to discover more!
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Review Summary

ProductWhat it does wellHow it feelsKey ingredientsHas Protein?
Treluxe Restorative Protein MaskRevives dull, limp hairSmooth, creamyQuinoa Protein, Oat MilkYes
Treluxe Nourishing Leave-in ConditionerReduces moisture loss, strengthens hairEasy to detangleCoconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, SqualeneYes
Treluxe Reflex SerumIncreases curl elasticityLightweightAloe Vera, Amino AcidsYes
Treluxe Curl Defining MousseDefines, provides volume and holdRunny foam-like textureOat Milk, Vitamin E, Bamboo ExtractNo
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The Initial Stage: Cleansing and Masking

My client came to me with fine curls, longing for definition, shape, and volume while maintaining her length. We started with a dry curly cut, sculpting those gorgeous curls and ensuring to preserve as much of her length as possible. Before we could work our magic, it was essential to rid her hair of any buildup from previous routines.

This required a thorough shampooing, after which we applied the Treluxe Protein Mask. This gentle, yet powerful mask not only nourishes and strengthens the hair with its blend of proteins but also helps to restore elasticity, leaving curls feeling strong and bouncy. I recommend this Treluxe Mask for all hair types to be honest. Buy here.

The Styling Process: Moisturizing and Defining

Next, we applied the Treluxe Untie the Knot leave-in conditioner. This product provides moisture without the heaviness, making it perfect for fine curls like my client’s. If you have low density hair, rinse this out all before applying your styling products. To enhance and hold those curls in place, we used the Treluxe Serum, which provides definition and shine without leaving the hair crunchy.

Finishing Touches: Adding Volume and Shine

And for that extra oomph of volume, we added the Treluxe Mousse. This gives her curls the lift they deserve. Using a microfiber towel, we gently removed excess water from the client’s hair and applied the serum once more. We then delicately separated chunky curl clumps to enhance volume and definition.

And there you have it – a fine curly hair transformation that’s sure to turn heads. The result was truly a sight to behold, with my client beaming with a wide smile, admiring her transformed curls in the mirror, a picture of satisfaction and joy.

Watch the transformation here in this video tutorial

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Ready for Your Transformation?

If you’re ready to experience this kind of curly magic firsthand, book an appointment with me today. I provide personalized guidance tailored to your unique curls, ensuring you walk out of our session with the curls of your dreams. Thanks for joining me on this transformation journey, and remember, embrace your curls—they’re your crowning glory.

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