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How to Protect Curly Hair During Holi

What should be applied on hair after Holi? Can Holi damage hair? How to Protect your hair during Holi? Can we play Holi after keratin treatment? How to protect curly hair during Holi Best hairstyles to protect curly hair from Holi colors Protective hair care products for Holi Tips for pre and post Holi hair care for curly hair Natural remedies to protect curly hair from Holi colors.

If you don’t know how to deal with your hair during Holi celebrations, I got you. Here are quick tips to bounce back from a little crazy.

Hair Care Before Holi Day

Here’s what you need to do (these are true for any successful wash day)


Like applying sunscreen on a normal day, prepare your hair with oil before playing Holi. Protect your hair from potential trauma your hair may go through during these festivities. Learn more from my prepoo guide here. Coat your hair with penetrating oils. Remember to scalp massage with hair oil also!

Wash & Style

For thick medium-high porosity hair: Clean your hair with your favorite shampoo or cowash conditioner before you deep condition. Hair masks and deep conditioners work better on clean hair. Wait, unless you’re using a DIY deep conditioner. When you DIY, apply hair mask before shampoo.

For thin/fine or Low porosity hair: Apply your deep conditioner or hair masks before you shampoo. Your hair will be prepped with this method.

Style your hair as a protective measure. styling products like leave-in or hair creams add moisture. Remember, dry hair is more susceptible to damage so keeping it moisturized will help you prevent any possible hair damage during your fun Holi celebrations. That is precisely why I advice you to deep condition the day before Holi too. Stronger hair can handle anything!

On Holi day

  1. Leave your conditioner in: Slather it away from your scalp. If you’re worried about wasting expensive international products, go to any supermarket and see if you can find Giovanni Conditioner.
  2. Seal with oil: Do not use any of the fancy oils I usually recommend. Those are for only prepoo during Holi. Time to bring out raw local oils. Apply generously over your conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Use this link to Amazon Prime it today, if you don’t have it already.
  3. Do a Protective Hair style! Oh yes you can totally just leave your hair wild and free, I wish I could say there’s no harm in that but … COME ON! You know it’s not true on Holi. Here are some fun options, let me know which ones you’ll try!

Here’s one more!

This is so cute! 

This is super pretty 🙂 

AFTER Holi Celebrations END

I hope you had fun playing Holi! Did anyone throw eggs on you? Either way, it’s time to reset your hair. If you find your regular shampoo may not be enough to reset in one wash. So here are my helpful tips for you:

1. Detox first 

Visit this article for everything you need to know about this all natural DIY. You only need 3 ingredients and 5 minutes. Just apply mask in your hair and rinse, and deep condition to bring back moisture. Style your hair for protection.

2. Baggy Method, before next wash day. 

Whether you clay or decide to use your SLS shampoo, either way your hair will be stripped of everything. Try this method to soften your coarse hair. Apply hair cream on dry hair, put a shower cap on it, and keep it for at least 20 min (or overnight if you experience extremely dry hair). Wash & style as usual.

3. Protect your hair while you sleep or travel.

I like to shove my hair in bonnet and then sleep on my silk pillowcase.  This is to protect all the effort you’ve been putting into caring for your hair.

Prepare and protect your curly hair before Holi so you can recover as soon as possible. Let me know how it all pans out for you. And happy Holi!

As for me? I stopped playing Holi after I came to Christ and was baptized in 2015. If you are a Christian wanting to celebrate this pagan festival, please ask yourself if a little bit of fun is worth risking your faith? Use your discernment. Should Christians celebrate Holi? Check out this article to learn more.


Thank you for watching & reading!

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2 thoughts on “How to Protect Curly Hair During Holi”

  1. I asked Liz for a tutorial on holi hair care TODAY, and she’s already made a super detailed one! I’ve said it a lot of times, but I’m going to scream myself hoarse saying this – YOU ARE A GODSENT, LIZ! ♥️♥️♥️

    This tutorial is so so so helpful! Thank you so much for this super informative piece! I just have 2 questions –

    1. I washed my hair just yesterday, but it was a simple washday (no prepoo or DC). Do you recommend I wash again today?

    2. In the Baggy Method, you’ve mentioned using a hair cream. Could you please give recommendations for the same?

    1. Thank you for encouraging me to write this up! So I recommend deep conditioning to repair previous damage and to strengthen your hair for whats to come. Organic colors or regular colors, your hair is going to be affected by the water, sun, chemicals so like I said, strong hair can take anything 🙂 If you can dc TODAY. For 2, ill edit the blog to add some right away!

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