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Bought Bouclème Seal+Shield? Here’s how to use it

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Curly Hair Products for humidity! Bouclème Review of Seal+Shield by HONESTLIZ

Curls turning frizzy this summer? Looking for the best coconut free products? Want to increase your protein-free product stash, maybe? These new curly hair styling products from Bouclème are formulated to fight humidity, and how! Let’s review.

Review Summary

ProductWhat it does wellHow it feelsKey ingredients
Seal + Shield Curl CreamLightweight, adds moistureCreamy, no slip (for me)Capasu butter, Marula Oil, Aloe
Seal + Shield Curl Defining GelMedium to strong hold, adds shineSuper slimy, very slippery.Babassu Oil, Vitamin B5 

Being protein, glycerin, and coconut free, these products can be used for hair that needs moisture, and/or may be coconut-sensitive. All hair types will appreciate this duo, especially coarse color treated low porosity hair (like mine!). Medium/High porosity hair will appreciate the moisture from this Seal+Shield range. Fine and/or wavy textures will them lightweight, and useful in small quantities.

Keep reading to learn more!

Bouclème Seal + Shield Curl Cream

This award winning curl cream is thick and thin at the same time. By thick I mean, the texture is thick like a cream, yet, it falls out of the pump easily. By thin I mean, because it’s packed full of oils, using less still adds moisture, making it lightweight. 

If hair is feeling thirsty and dry, the Bouclème curl cream can moisturize, but what stands out to me is the next level shine from using less amounts. You may not need to re-moisturize curls for up to three days after washday. 

This Bouclème curl cream has capasu that fights UV rays, and holds up to 440% of its water weight. For thick textures, use this on soaking wet hair. If you have fine hair, use tiny quantities on damp hair. 

Bouclème Seal + Shield Curl Defining Gel

Also ward winning like the curl cream we discussed in the earlier sections. This is a clear hair gel, with lots of slip! It’s very easy to finger coil with this gel. I found the slip is so much better than the Bouclème curl cream. 

If you are looking for a strong hold hair gel for humidity and/or have no other hair gel working for you in the summer, then this gel solves that problem. This gel is glycerin-free!

The key ingredient Babassu Oil adds moisture, and Vitamin B5 seals in the cuticles. So if you have color treated hair, are prone to split ends, or will be in the sun a lot this summer, this Bouclème gel is ideal for you too. 

There are no flakes if you use this gel in large quantities. I recommend you use less quantities though. For thick hair, section, and use a little dollop per section. See how I style 3a/3b hair in this video.

For comparison sake, this gel (to me) feels closest to Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel? Spiralicious is protein, coconut, and glycerin free too. Have you ever tried it? Jessicurl is almost half the price if you buy in the US. But this Bouclème gel does not dry my hair out like Jessicurl does when used in large quantities. Bouclème Gel also adds a lot of shine, and that, I honestly have not experienced from other protein-free gels (yet).

Bouclème HONESTLIZ Washday Tutorial

– Styling for 3a Curls – low porosity & color treated

For best results, use both these Boucleme products on buildup-free hair. Highly recommended for hair that needs moisture, and/or strong hold all year long. Using this duo on washday can give you up to 2-3 days of hold.  You can use this duo between washdays for a quick refresh as well. See my tutorial below. 

Bouclème HONESTLIZ Refresh Tutorial

If you have a sensitivity to scents (happens sometimes when you’re pregnant) then you could pass it. Unless you prefer sharp sweet orange and cinnamon flavors, the scent can be strong for some people. The scent can be calming for others, though. I only like using it on special occasions, not every wash. 


Given the ingredients, and performance, it is safe to say this duo lives up to its name. Seal+Shield indeed. The butters and oils seal in the moisture, while other ingredients together shield your hair from the weather. I would recommend you try it, it’ll work for all hair types! 

Boucleme is globally available. But they have separate websites for the US/UK. If you’d like to try my affiliate code HONESTLIZ15 gets you a 15% discount  

Thank you, come again.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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  1. I love Boucleme! My hair doesn’t like too much protein. I just have to be careful I don’t use too much of the curl cream on my fine curls. I hope your daughter is ok.

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