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Are you wondering about the title? As all curly hair advice goes on my blog please consider it as a suggestion/option and not a rule. There’s a grey area about this concept “using glycerin free gel in humidity” its not a rule, and some people are OK with using glycerine based hair gels all year long. But here’s why I use glycerin-free hair gels in the summer time. Let me know if it helps!

Why glycerin may not be the best bet for curly hair in hot and humid weather.

Glycerine is one of the most common ingredients found in many hair care products, including hair gels, because of its ability to attract and retain moisture from the environment. It’s actually a moisturizing agent and I love them in my hair masks

During high humidity, glycerine absorbs excess moisture from the humid air, causing the hair shaft to swell which can then lead to  frizz. Unmanageable frizz is a big problem for curly hair, as we already know.

Maybe you love hair gels with glycerine since They work so well for you. And you’re not wrong! These gels are perfect to use in the colder months because of their moisturizing properties. But on hot days when humidity hits, it’s time to reevaluate your product choices and consider switching to a glycerine-free hair gel.

This is a grey area for some. If you have fine density hair, or fine curly hair that is looking for volume? You can actually be OK using your regular glycerine based gel in the summer. That’s only because using gel with glycerin in humidity offers functional frizz. Functional frizz is the kind of frizz we appreciate! It jut works for some and that;s OK.

If you are looking for killer definition in humidity then, by all means, please continue reading this blog post for honest, helpful insights, as usual.

Reasons for using glycerin-free hair gel in the summer

Frizz Control: Your favorite hair gel with glycerin can exacerbate frizz in humidity. Glycerine-free hair gels are formulated to control frizz without the risk of over-moisturizing your hair. Such gels can offer definition and keep them looking curly without the unwanted frizz, giving you an organized look until next washday.

Lightweight Hold: Do you want your curls to feel light and bouncy? There are hair gels that actually can weigh your curls down, making them limp and lifeless. Glycerine-free hair gels are typically lighter in texture and provide a more natural hold, allowing your curls to move freely and retain their natural shape and volume.

Versatility: Glycerine-free hair gels are versatile and can be used in various styling techniques, such as wash-and-go, braids, and more. You can experiment with different hairstyles and achieve your desired look without the risk of your curls turning into a frizzy mess.

Hair Health: Lastly, using glycerine-free hair gel can promote overall hair health. As it helps to control frizz and prevent dryness, it reduces the need for constant manipulation, which can lead to hair breakage. By keeping your curls moisturized and protected from environmental factors (and yourself!), glycerine-free hair gel can contribute to maintaining the integrity of your hair, leaving it soft, healthy, and vibrant.

List of Glycerine Free Hair Gels to try this summer

Protein-free GelsGels with Protein
Boucleme Seal + Shield Curl Defining GelTreluxe Hi! Definition [code: HONESTLIZ15]
Camile Rose Aloe Whipped Butter GelTreluxe Reflex [code: HONESTLIZ15]
Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling GelGiovanni L.A. Hold Styling Gel
Kinky Curly Curling Custard Styling GelInahsi Coconut Avocado Defining Custard
Manetain Hard Hold Gel [code: HONESTLIZ]Miribel Naturals Flaxseed Gel [code: HONESTLIZHERE]
Affiliate links & codes here.

Note: I consider flaxseed gels as “plant protein” and the Soya-ingredient in the Giovanni Gel behaves like protein.

Pro Tip: If you are low porosity, or protein-sensitve (like me) use these protein gels sparingly in your routine

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Glycerine Free Hair Gels in India

Want to know how to incorporate a glycerine-free hair gel into your summer hair care routine? 

Try my 123 Gel method!

This is a simple method where you layer at least 3 gels to get both volume and definition all at the same time. You can watch these video series below or read my blog about 123 gel here. The main advantage here is using a glycerin-free gel at the end of your routine, as your third gel. This way you can still use your glycerine-based hair gel and then seal it in with the glycerin free gel at the end of your routine! Shazam. 


As the days get hotter and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to switch your curly hair care styling routine and adapt to the new season. The one thing you shouldn’t miss in your summer hair care arsenal is a glycerine-free hair gel. Share this blog post, to tel your friends about the benefits of using glycerine-free hair gel on hot days and why it’s a game-changer for those of us with curly hair.

Thank you for watching & reading!

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