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Are Sugarboo Curls products really worth the hype? In this review, I’ll be discussing their cleansing products (shampoo, conditioner), and their curly hair styling products (leavein, cream, and gel). Read on for more details!

Disclaimer: Product availability may vary in different regions and stores in India, and formulations can change over time, so it’s always best to double-check the ingredient list and suitability for your specific hair needs before purchase. Before I dive into my review, I also want to make it clear that this blog post is not sponsored in any way. In fact, it was created part of the 1st birthday gift for Sugarboo (2022-2023) to show appreciation for all the support they have shown to the curly community this past year.

Review Summary

All Sugarboo products are CG approved. That means, all hair products in this blog post do not have SLS, silicone, drying alcohol, and waxes. Also cruelty-free and have neutral fragrance for those sensitive to strong scents… and we are only getting started.

Sugarboo Curls ProductWhat it does wellHow it feelsProteinKey IngredientsRemarks
ShampooClarifies hair & scalpLathers a lotYES – highMenthol, spearmint oilUse 1x a week.
ConditionerGreat SlipEasy to detangleYES – highAbyssinian Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Camelina Sativa Seed OilDoubles as cowash
Leave-inMoisturisesLightweight, but thick in texture.YES – highPlant KeratinIdeal for fine hair
Curl CreamDefines with soft holdThick and creamyYES – lowOlive oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butterIdeal for coarse hair
GelDefines with strong hold and has slipWateryYES – medium Citrus Peel Pectin, Xantham GunBest in small quantities, adds shine!
SugarBoo Curls Product Review Snapshot

My curly routine with SugarBoo thangs

Keep reading to learn more!

Product 1: Sugarboo Curls Cleansing Shampoo

  • Helps remove oil residue and product build-up.
  • There are three protein ingredients (hydrolysed wheat protein, aloe vera extra, and hydrolysed quinoa). This is great if you need protein and a thorough cleanse at the same time.
  • Sugarboo recommends using the shampoo twice a week. This can work for fine hair, wavy hair, or textures that require strong shampoo frequently. 

How I use it

Pro tip: If you’re protein-sensitive, remember to use Sugarboo Cleansing shampoo sparingly – to prevent protein overload – and/or use a protein-free deep conditioner after, to avoid drying.

Where to Buy

Product 2: Sugarboo Curls Hydrating Conditioner

  • Doubles as a cowash also. That means you can replace your shampoo and alternate with this conditioner to clean your scalp. 
  • Affordable, has slip, adds softness and shine!
  • Silicone-free (YAY!),
  • Has a protein ingredient listed in the top 5 (Hydrolysed Quinoa)
  • Do not leave it in your hair. Rinse it out thoroughly to avoid buildup.

How I use it

When hair is feeling ok & healthy, I follow shampoo with the Sugarboo conditioner. The way I showed in the video above, I apply and rinse conditioner twice.

Pro tips: Apply, WAIT a couple of minutes, and THEN work with it. In the minutes you wait, this conditioner saturate better, helping you detangle your hair better. Be mindful of how you incorporate the Sugarboo conditioner in your routine if you have protein-sensitive hair.

Where to Buy

Product 3: Sugarboo Curls Leave-In Conditioner

  • A curly hair styling product to apply after washing your hair.
  • Sugarboo’s Leave-in has no shea butter, but has protein; which makes it ideal for fine/wavy textures, or if you have low-density hair and are looking for lightweight products.
  • Has olive oil. Use in small quantities.

Pro tip:

  • For a soft hold, and/or more moisture, follow with hair cream.
  • For hard hold, follow with gel
  • For both hold and volume, follow with gel + mousse!

Where to Buy

Product 4: Sugarboo Curls Soft Hold Curl Defining Cream

  • The sort of curl-defining product to use on thick hair or dry colour-treated hair.
  • Sugarboo’s hair cream has shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil so remember to use it in small quantities (even lesser than the leave-in) for best results.
  • The protein ingredient (Plant Keratin) is listed at the bottom. This means coarse or low porosity hair would benefit from using this on a regular basis.

Pro tip: You can use this by itself also, but I recommend you prime your hair with the leave-in first, then follow with a hair cream like this.

Where to Buy

Product 5: Sugarboo Curls Citrus & Hibiscus Moisture Hold Gel

  • Hair gel that is lightweight but moisturizing but holding, all at the same time!
  • Although glycerin is listed in the ingredients, Citrus Peel Pectin and Xanthan Gum are in there too. This should tell you right off the bat that it’s a strong hold gel, even in humidity.
  • The Sugarboo hair gel has sweet almond oil so remember to use it in sparring amounts to avoid oily-looking weighed-down hair.

Pro tips: I found my short hair needed only 1-pump of this hair gel. And my medium-ling-ish curly hair needs about two pumps in total for best results. If you have fine hair, wavy hair, or low density hair, try using this gel alone and lesser quantities even. It should work as a one-and-done curl defining product. But if you need moisture then use Leavein+Gel routine. Using curly hair styling products – Leavein+Cream+Gel routine is my jam! But don’t forget, I have coarse hair.

Where to Buy


The whole line of Sugarboo products are good for any hair type that loves protein. If your hair doesn’t like aloe vera then avoid all these products (except the conditioner; Sugarboo conditioner is aloe-free!). 

By far, Sugarboo is one of the best hair products for curly hair in India. I love that Sugarboo products blend well with other brands I use. If you notice flaking, and that’s a clue it might not be working well with another brand in your routine (let me know which!).  

Definitely recommend Sugarboo products for anyone looking for organic hair care, and/or coconut-free hair products in India. Since all of them have some amount of protein you’ll still have to be mindful of how you cocktail them in your routine.

If you’re not sure of the protein or styling elements I discussed in this routine then I encourage you to go with their TRAVEL SIZE first. These are good sized products with all the essentials to try before investing in the full size products!

Where to Buy

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Please note that formulations and ingredients can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the product label from the brand website to ensure that it is still curly girl safe and free of SLS & silicones. protein & aloe presence, before making a purchase.

Thank you for reading, come again for my next review?

Much love, Liz

Thank you for watching & reading!

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